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Sket Dance Episode 51 Review

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


The relationship between Bossun and Tsubaki continues to grow and change, silly and serious.

What They Say:
First, Bossun and Tsubaki partner up for the first time to work on a project, but together, this brother duo is highly combustible! Later on, Tsubaki meets Bossun's family and has the chance to see his real parents for the first time... but does he want to?

The Review:
With the worst kept secret of the series having been dealt with recently when it comes to the relationship between Bossun and Tsubaki, we haven't had too much come up just yet. While they did come to a sort of basic understanding, it's been a little tense between them since. So when the student council has something going on that they can't deal with but requires the Sket Club, it's Tsubaki that's forced to go and deal with it. And they can't actually deal with it without Himeko and Switch trying to get some reconciliation between the two brothers first since they can't exactly work together. Amusingly though, the two young men are of the mindset that they're being forced to do something they don't want to do with an example shown about how elementary school kids are forced to apologize and "be friends" even though they don't want to.

Himeko is a lot of fun in this as she tries to get the two of them to ease off on each other by instead playing the angle of trying to make them more alike in appearance. Mostly because she just wants to make things livelier since it'll make her life more fun. Of course, this has her dressing each of them down first before trying to figure out how to "fix" them. But it's just light stuff before the two guys have to head off to deal with the job of the day, which is pretty pointless since it's just something set up by the student council to get the two of them together to try and talk things out. Which in turn has Himeko and Sketch watching from afar as well, giving both groups a cute parental feeling as they try to get the guys to be brothers. They do act like it already though...

When the episode gets past the goofiness that the first half rounds out with, it gets to a much more interesting place in the second half. With Tsubaki now all dressed up and formal, he ends up visiting Bossun's place where he gets to meet his real parents best friend from that time that knew everything that went on for the most part. Tsubaki is really fun to watch here, especially when Rumi gives him the once over and looks much older than she actually is. When it gets down to the group as a whole though, there's some fun as we get a look at Tsuabaki's childhood and how it differed from Bossun's, but the real sweet stuff is after that. While Bossun has dealt with the videos already and coming to grips with his parents, Tsubaki gets to experience it as well now and really takes it well, glad to have finally "met" his parents and to get an idea of who they are. It's really nicely done and certainly makes you smile.

In Summary:
With the changes to the character dynamics over the series run between Tsubaki and Bossun, it's really wonderful to see the small changes that have come and how their relationship is at this point. The first half is kind of silly in general with the two being forced to work together after going through the Himeko gauntlet, but it's the second half that won me over. With the support group in place that wants to see the two brothers do right by each other, watching Tsubaki's getting closer to that family and Bossun in general is very well done. There's plenty of aggressive moments to be had between the two as they can't change who they are, but what we do get is spot on and really feels like a much more natural relationship that the two will have for quite some time before life softens them a little more. Very fun.

Grade: B+

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