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Monster Rancher Returns Via Hulu

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


Are you part of the Fox Kids generation? Then this one may be up your alley. One of the more amusing shows that got a partial pickup and release years ago, way back in 2000, was that of Monster Rancher. Riding the wave of kidfare like Pokemon that was burning up the charts, ADV Films acquired this show but it sold poorly and fell through after just four volumes. Now those twelve episodes, dubbed (and presumably edited as well) are now available from Hulu via TMS Entertainment who figures they can get a few more views based on already completed work that they own. The show did get to air on Fox Kids for awhile so there are likely some of the Hulu age that will remember it from their childhood and thrill to the fact that those twelve episodes are now available.

Plot Concept: Genki wins a “Monster Rancher 200X” CD in a tounament. When he plays the CD he is pulled into the Monster Rancher world! There he meets Holly and Suezo and learns that their world is being threatened by Moo.

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