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One piece Episode #547 Review

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  

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The fallout hits residents of the Island in so many ways, especially Neptune.

What They Say:
Queen Otohime's killer is revealed to be a human. Love letters keep being flung at Shirahoshi by some mysterious person named Vander Decken. In light of all this, King Neptune decides his children better not attend their mother's funeral, prompting Prince Fukaboshi to address the nation. Meanwhile, in the present, Luffy and the others encounter a Video Transponder Snail which bears shocking news!

The Review:
Content: (please note that content portions of a review may contain spoilers)
The death of Otohime is something that obviously causes shockwaves among those of this realm, but what's about to send it even further is the discovery that her killer was a human that was down there. In a smart move, Jimbei wants to hide the body after Hordy kills him in order to preserve what it was that Otohime wanted to do with the surface world, but Hordy won't have any of that. He instead stokes the fires of hatred rather easily when it comes to inciting the people who were heartbroken over her death, and even Shirahoshi is still pushed over the edge from it as we saw in the last episode. It comes off far more as a plan by Hordy than anything else of course, but seeing how Jimbei tried to salvage the situation is a positive here.

The fallout from Otohime's death isn't dealt with in a big way at first, even with what Hordy has done. Where it focuses on is Neptune himself, who is beside himself with grief but doesn't react to it in a violent way. Instead he takes days to keep to himself, coping with it, which is cruel in itself since it pushes his children away from him. It's something he does admit that he did wrong, which helps to mitigate it, but also shows that he's aware of what his actions have done. It doesn't take long for things to turn ugly in some ways though as Vander Decken's plans start to mingle in, but we do also get to see the grief of a people in dealing with the loss of their beloved queen. Rather than an instant rush to war which could very well have happened, we get something more honest like this.

The story Jimbei tells does bring things fairly well full circle to how everything unfolded within this realm and caused the pain that Nami and others felt because of Arlong. There's a great moment where, back in the present, Sanji demands Jimbei apologize, but it's Nami that stands firm in saying that what happened to her is what made her who she is and in the end she wouldn't trade that. It's reminiscent of things that Jimbei heard from others like Tiger Fisher and Otohime in the past and that resonates with him even through his pain. All of this does bring things full circle again as now that those key players in the past, ones that Jimbei had varying degrees of dealings with, are now causing a lot of problems in the present and the Straw Hats are up to speed. It may have taken awhile, but things are now looking like they're ready to get rolling again.

In Summary:
The detailed back story to the Fish-Man Island is definitely useful and important because characters and events here have had such a wide range of effects on the series in general over the years and this helps to tie a lot of it together in a very good way. At the same time, it's definitely felt like it could use a little compression in order to tighten it up, but that's not One Piece's style. There's a lot to like with this episode in the ground it covers in the psat but also where it's starting to set things up in the present, putting Luffy and his crew back in the spotlight with what they're going to do to make sure the wrongs are righted. In a way, some of the positive feelings here are about getting the show back to the present more than anything else, but there's a lot to like here in general.

Grade: B

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