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Blood-C: The Last Dark New Trailer Debuts

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


The film Blood-C: The Last Dark is due out on June 2nd and a new teaser trailer has arrived that isn't one of the educational types to help new fans into the mythos. This one clocks in at just under 40 seconds, hits the serious vibe for just about all of it and focuses on showcasing the action and characters in a dark but positive light.

Franchise Concept: Saya Kisaragi is a seemingly-normal girl who is overly clumsy and kind. She lives with her father, the head of her hometown's shrine, and learns the "art of the sword" from him. When she is faced with various forms of "trials" that test her kindness, it brings misfortune for her being "overly-kind". Against misfortune and for the sake of her friends, she maintains her kind heart and becomes stronger. However, in her journey, how will she fare? Why is she being tested?

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