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Sket Dance Episode 58 Review

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


Beware a naked, invisible Bossun.

What They Say:
It’s Mad Scientist Week as another faux-cola potion turns Bossun invisible and then later, Bossun puts on an artificially intelligent “power suit” created by Switch… But the suit soon develops a will of its own…

The Review:
After spending the previous episode working through some absolutely adorable moments between Bossun and Himeko that dealt with them texting each other unknowingly with passion, Sket Dance wants to “switch” things up again this week by going for the wacky science angle. Which isn’t bad since they have a mad scientist on hand to play with and that can lead to awkward situations which, while forced and over the top, allows the show to go completely silly for awhile. I do like when they play things mostly straight and real world, but being able to tweak things out in another direction once in awhile is definitely fun. And this episode is no exception as it does a double does of silly science that lets the group have some real fun.

The opening half of the episode has Bossun getting his hands on some invisibility soda that works fantastically well, though of course it has the caveat of only making the drinker themselves become invisible and not their clothes or anything else they carry. Bossun completely gets into it, strips down after it works and proceeds to stalk Himeko and scare the crap out of her. While he does get to scare her for a bit, the real scare comes after that as the portion starts to wear off and going from the top to bottom, he starts to turn visible again. And with no clothes, it just freaks out Himeko and they come up with hysterical costume choices to try and cover things up with. It makes zero sense when you get down to it but it’s the kind of panicked response you’d expect.

The second half goes in a completely different direction as it follows up the subplot that’s tying the two stories together about picking up something heavy. Switch gets a sumo style flesh colored power suit that Bossun gets to put on that allows him to pick up a ton of things. But it’s not a suit that operates normally, or looks normal at that, and makes for some good fun as events unfold. There’s some really wacky stuff that goes on here as Bossun gets a feel for the suit and understands how to work it better since there is a synergy kind of quirk to it. When he gets to show off its skills in a variety of ways, it is pretty fun to watch, but disturbing as well just because of the look of the suit and the way Bossun simply just connects with it so well.

In Summary:
Of the two stories, the invisibility story has more fun to it just because it covers a few different areas of humor and deals with the naked/invisibility angle which is always fun. Pairing him with Himeko for it after getting Chuu’s drink works well since he has fun with her but the bigger scares are yet to come. The power suit story is less amusing overall since it comes across as a little more unfocused, but there’s some good laughs to be had here as Bossun adapts to the suit and discovers just what kind of abilities it has. Of course, there’s a danger to a suit that understands its wearer like this which turns things a little darker along the way, but you know things will resolve in a humorous way which does deflate it a bit.

Grade: B

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