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Sket Dance Episode 60 Review

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  


Himeko's stage fright is outranked only by her fear of her mother being angry.

What They Say:
Himeko becomes the new Pelocan campaign girl for a TV commercial, but her sudden stage fright threatens to derail the whole thing! Then, when the Sket-dan is unprepared for the following day's practice exams, they go to Himeko's house to study. Featuring Himeko's mom, the Legendary Oniyome.

The Review:
Sometimes fate takes weird turns and that's pretty much the order of the day here. And it's especially true for Himeko who seems to just land into things. She's not exactly been high profile in recent episodes but she's definitely had some good things going. The whole semi-dating episode she had with Bossun stands out as a very good bit of fun, so it's welcome to see her get an episode that focuses on her in a couple of different ways. Giving her a chance to show some different sides of her personality as well as to focus on her mother, something that's been rare in the seires, helps to flesh her out just a little bit more.

The first half of the episode has her suddenly being able to help take on the role of the Polocan girl for the TV campaign that's underway. The role isn't hard when you get down to it as we see the commercial at the beginning of the show that she's studying, but the reality of doing it is a whole other thing. When th ethree are at the studio, she's just so incredibly filled with fright that it turns everything into awkward and horrible moments. Even worse is that she takes out the sidekicks in a moment of fright which forces the director to use Bossun and Switch as the sidekicks. And they're highly unsuited for it to say the least, though they have some hilarious expressions in the costumes, from Bossun being dorikish beyond belief to Switch trying to highlight his idol's upcoming release. They run through a lot of gags but it's just amusing to see Himeko trying to find a way to do it when she's usually so confident and at ease wit hherself.

The second half is a bit slow in getting going wit hthe actual story, but it's definitely a good bit of fun as we find out that both Bossun and Himeko aren't doing quite as good as they should with their studying, so the seek a lot of help in finding the right way to do it. Switch isn't help because of the way he is and his style, but the pair get some good suggestions and everyone ends up at Himeko's house to study, which is kind of awkward for her to say the least. Once they get to the house, that's where the real fun begins since Himeko is embarrassed by her mother, who is very friendly and outgoing, which is definitely what Himeko is like. But there's also some really fun nervousness on her part by having boys in her room and getting just as comfortable there as they would at the Sket Club room. It just sends Himeko into high gear herself with how she reacts, leading to some over hyper but hilarious little encounters.

In Summary:
Turning the focus to Himeko is definitely welcome here, but they do it in a way that it's very muhc an ensemble piece. When she takes on the role of the Pelocan girl, the other two are there to support her and help her, even as it leads to a truly terrible commercial. The studying becomes something that is classic in its nature as they work it out in her room and we get to see her mother, but it's all about how they study. Which isn't good since the boys are more interested in goofing off while she copes with actually having boys in her room. It doesn't go over the top but it's very animated in how they deal with each other and hits a lot of very fun little moments which culminates in some real fun when it comes to Himeko's mother.

Grade: B

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