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Fafner Movie Gets English Cast Announcement

Posted by Kamui_Takahashi 2 years ago   -  

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FUNimation has released the casting information for their EVS members today regarding the upcoming dub for Fafner: Dead Aggressor – Heaven and Earth movie that they picked up last year along with the TV series. The series was previously released by Geneon, but the movie came out in 2010 and has been unlicensed until last year when it was announced. No dates are yet set for the TV series or movie, though initial plans were for it to hit in late 2012.

FUMIHIKO Brian Mathis
MISAO Joel McDonald
KAZUKI Micah Solusod
CHIZURU Luci Christian
MAYA Jennifer Sekiguchi
KENJI Austin Tindle
KIYOMI Colleen Clinkenbeard
MARCY Anastasia Muñoz
SOSHI Josh Grelle
CANON Morgan Garrett
IAN Andrew Chandler
RINA Jamie Marchi
MIWA Tia Ballard
AKIRA Ben Bryant
SERI Jād Saxton
YOKO Lydia Mackay
SAKURA Leah Clark
AKANE Jennifer Seman
HIROTO Chris Burnett
IKUMI Juli Erickson
TAMOTSU Chuck Huber
YUMIKO Cynthia Cranz
JINGJING Lindsay Seidel
TSUBAKI Kristi Kang
FESTUM Terri Doty

ADR Director Joel McDonald
ADR Engineer Kevin Leasure
Script Writer John Burgmeier

Series Concept: Tatsumiya Island is a small, idyllic haven for those lucky enough to call it home… until a surprise attack by a savage enemy shakes the water-locked paradise to its core. With Festum on the warpath, it’s up to the island’s dedicated inhabitants to pilot powerful Fafners and fight back! Before the gun smoke clears, illusions will be shattered and lifelong friendships will be stretched to their limits. Will this peaceful island survive the chaos of all-out war?

When a group of friends gears up to take on vicious Festum attackers, there’s no telling who will become a hero… and who will be sacrificed to the ravages of battle. Life as they know it is on the line, and these brand-new soldiers learn to trust their instincts (and one another) in order to man their Fafners with fearless skill. Man and machine unite to take down all invaders and save the homeland!

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