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Naruto Shippuden to Air on the Disney XD Channel

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


VIZ Media has announced that Disney will air Naruto Shippuden on the new Disney XD Channel. This channel is specifically targeted to boys, ages 6-14.

Do you think that this will be successful? Will you watch it? Leave a comment and let us know!

You can view the original press release here.

News Comments (230)

disney will just tear it up there will be no blood maybe swearing is OUT and the pervisity is out to disney is with money and for shows and more fans also they are at kids that they will destroy there fav shows

Posted by jacobfire 5 years ago

disney aother companies

Posted by jacobfire 5 years ago

first they get marvel(type it on youtube)and now they got naruto
wtf i gonna kill myself if they buy all the porn

Posted by zakata12 5 years ago

i think disney channel its a good channel, i think shippuuden can go to air at disney thats my opinion.

Posted by loobster 5 years ago

well im in no way supporting naruto on disney xd in any way, but i have something good about all this. i was flipping through last night and i came upon disney xd. it was about 10, 11 at nite and i saw that the fresh prince of bell air was on. i always thought disney and little kids shows and crap like that (witch it does) but at nite the fresh prince is on. the fresh prince isnt the most kid friendly show around and naruto isnt either. so i think disney is finally coming to terms with their own adult swim. disneys will probably be in no way as bad as cartoon networks. but for those shows they have that arent kid friendly, they can show them at nite, so they will probably feature naruto then. this is my guess but i think thats whats gunna happen.

Posted by element1453 5 years ago

completely wrong target audience.

Posted by deathstrilogy 5 years ago

what is wrong wit people y would u put naruto on disney xd when some people dont have it come on now and again disney y would you put it on disney adultswim is where is should be now put it thier if its not i wont watch it

Posted by yungthruth 5 years ago

This articles says it's airing next month:
http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/hr/content_displa y/news/e3if44ebfb31be090b578cf16fc7080704f

Hope it is not castrated more than the original on CN. The CN dub was acceptable, but I prefer subs.

Posted by DarkMonte 5 years ago

Fuck disney channel, put it on AdultSwim

Posted by naruto144 5 years ago

Well, I guess we can't go saying fuck disney and all. I mean, when we say Disney we are reminded of Mickey Mouse and the Little Mermaid(lol) but it's really not like that and I agree with ScaryCrow!

We really shouldn't judge so quickly, after a while all of us (including me) who are pretty much pissed of such news might make an ass of ourselves. Though just like I said in my last post I am disappointed but I guess time will tell.

Since the channel is aimed at boys from 6-14 year old of age, it seems logical to me that revisions will be made. Just think about it, a 7 year old watching Naruto and seeing people coughing blood, smoking, drinking etc. If it's aired at night then it might be another story, kinda like Adult Swim but I doubt it, I don't think the channel would provide a section for older viewers didn't it say 6 to 14?

Posted by G-Funk 5 years ago