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Naruto Shippuden to Air on the Disney XD Channel

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


VIZ Media has announced that Disney will air Naruto Shippuden on the new Disney XD Channel. This channel is specifically targeted to boys, ages 6-14.

Do you think that this will be successful? Will you watch it? Leave a comment and let us know!

You can view the original press release here.

News Comments (230)

Y'all remember some parts in season 3 right, with the kissing and making out right (episode 60 I think)? I'm really eager to see what they're gonna come up with

Posted by G-Funk 5 years ago

I think that was a bad choice to put on. I think they should've put in on Adult Swim and still have the cussing just like in Bleach.

Posted by bluedragonsage 5 years ago

Agreed. So much is lost by dumbing-down the content for pandering to young kids. Contrary to the press release, Naruto's demographic is 14+, not 6-14.

Posted by nightmareprotocol 5 years ago

I wouldn't be suprised if they cut out a lot of bloody scenes like in the first one. I think I'll stick with the JP VA for the rest of Naruto. The Eng voices don't really portray those characters well at all.

Posted by SwmXyooj 5 years ago

You got to be fucking kidding me, that fucked up channel. Time to tell Viz some very bad things, naruto shippuden is pure art, it is for real peolpe not some 3 year olds.

Posted by asdfghjk22 5 years ago

remember when Disney XD started airing Batman the animated series? Disney took a butcher knife to it in editing, so imagine what that stupid mickey mouse operation is going to do to Naruto Shippuden. This is such a bad pairing.

Posted by Shimigami-sama 5 years ago

Why? Just... why?

Posted by XowolfninjaXo18 5 years ago

I'll be damned, naruto shippuden is not for 4 years old. They wont even be able to understand it yo.

maybe it will be successful but i dont think it will be worth it.

Posted by cjandres123 5 years ago

Cartoon network, they have more ratings than disney, it is the only reason why it is so big in north america. CN has from ages 6- infinite.

Posted by asdfghjk22 5 years ago

I'll watch it, make an assessment, and either stay with Disney XD, or download off iTunes.

Posted by xNarutoUzumaki9x 5 years ago