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Naruto Shippuden to Air on the Disney XD Channel

Posted by fandom 5 years ago   -  


VIZ Media has announced that Disney will air Naruto Shippuden on the new Disney XD Channel. This channel is specifically targeted to boys, ages 6-14.

Do you think that this will be successful? Will you watch it? Leave a comment and let us know!

You can view the original press release here.

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Posted by zakata12 5 years ago

i really think that since i was just watching fresh prince on disney wich has loads of cussing..then they might air it... but also remembert see ing tailspin and bonkers on this same channel around this time a year ago so...GARGOYLES is sorta like a anime except its from america so its toned down but most comics in america cuss and talk about porn and sex so... and marvel is with disney nowadays so i rerally dont think that its a good idea (evolving XD)

Posted by zakata12 5 years ago

ugh, don't get me started on that whole disney buys marvel crap. Hopefully WD won't do anything silly like make a Wolverine meets Dora the Explorer comic book

Posted by Shimigami-sama 5 years ago

great now i have a chance to watch everything again for the third time this time in english probably if it is in jap. it will be weird very weird.....

Posted by darkmaster_morgan 5 years ago

There are two things in this world that I hate; Dutchs and Disney. And I'll be damned if they put Naruto to even more censored issues. If Japan leaves the blood, why can't we? (for those who are Dutch, no offence I still hate you and I got a good reason why)

Posted by bo1 5 years ago

I completely agree w/ bluedragonsage. something like this is far better suited for adultswim than something trivial and boring as disney. if anything it should go back to cartoon network since nothing good is on there anymore anyway. dumbing down the violence, graphics, and words would make it pointless bringing to america anyway, and im sure many had high hopes for the american release. this is sad.

Posted by Darksword342 5 years ago

Holy shit this reminds me of how 4kids ruined one piece. Damn this sux hopefully it gets bad ratings so adult swim will takeover just like funimation did to 4kids' horrible adaptation of One Piece.

Posted by AfroNinja89 5 years ago

BAD IDEA because they haven't even finished the regular Naruto on cartoon network

Posted by dieselfuel6 5 years ago

in my opinion,i think that they should just show Naruto Shippuden on Adult Swim like Rite Before Bleach comes on,or sumthin.but of all channels,Why Disney? Disney is for kids ages 6-14.Naruto Shippuden, is for like 10-16 at the most.they already tryin to mess up the Fresh Prince (By the way is my favorite late night show) but why naruto/they'll mess up naruto foreeeevvveerrr!!!!

Posted by JDaKingman 5 years ago

i really dont know how i feel about this lol.

Posted by H0pe 5 years ago