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Warner Bros. Securing Movie Rights to Bleach

Posted by fandom 4 years ago   -  


A live action Bleach movie is hopefully in Warner Brother's future since they are reportedly "in the process of securing the movie rights" according to the Hollywood Reporter. In addition to Warner Brother's apparent interest, Director Peter Segal, known for Get Smart, The Longest Yard and Anger Management, is interested in producing. Viz Media and Segal's partner Michael Ewing are also lining up to produce.

This news follows Warner Brother's acquisition to the rights for Death Note, also published by Shonen Jump.

What do you think of an American live action Bleach? Do you think it will follow the first couple episodes or will the movie begin further along in the storyline?

News Comments (37)

Wow i got to be the first one, i dont know because we people from this part of the world have a very different perspective from the japanese but i can be way wrong so ill just hope everything goes smoothly and I CANT WAIT FOR A LIVE ACTION MOVIE XD!! and they better do it good

Posted by disabel 4 years ago

second ^^

OMG, a bleach movie in real! sick! I hope it will be good! wondering wich actor they gunna chose..

Posted by ArcticArc 4 years ago

If they go far enough, I wonder how Full Hollow Ichigo (or just the mask) would look like.

Posted by ChaosLord38520 4 years ago

...why...it can't be american!!!! it will die!!!
no one looks like Ichigo!!!x.x..they can't pull this off ;.; they will kill Bleach!!!!!just like fox did with dragonball T-T....

Posted by TacoKiller 4 years ago

Thank you thank you Thank you for bringing up DrangonBall. People, do you Honestly think a Live Bleach will do even episode 1 of the anime justice? I'd bet it all that it won't! Let the anime be the anime, let movies be movies...do not mold them, it NEVER turns out ok. (I know, there are people saying, well gee, xmen was cool....sorry, the vast majority of Marvel movies [Electra, DareDevil, Fantastic Four, Ghost rider, silver surfer....] were leagues behind the comics) And they were all in our great country. If they did a bleach, we alll know the interpretaion will get screwed 16 times over.

(I doubt the producers are die hard fans like us on this site anyway!)

Posted by halfsuperstar 4 years ago

I wouldn't mind seeing bleach in live action but I wouldn't want it to be made in amierca. Anime should never be made into live action by America. It should be made by japan where they know how to adapt anime into live actions

Posted by madymaya 4 years ago

primero hola a todos y bueno para mi si lo hacen con persoajes reales lo van a tirar a abajo la pelicula tal cual fue con dragon ball.
igual tendria que tener un muy buen director para poder hacer bien la pelicula sino va a ser un desastre

Posted by aetcheverre 4 years ago

you can turn fantasy into real life but it takes lots of hard work/dedication/time and the perfect actors to do the voice overs. It's extremely difficult.

dragonball evolution was....

FAILURE at it's max.

Posted by omaramin 4 years ago

i love bleach anime/manga but then cant get zangetsu in it the sword will break after one hit (says a friend of mine) and then you got zabimaru and the other swords the bankai's kido and other things i say no the real life bleach movie come listin to the dubs dub really sucks

Posted by Sheogorath 4 years ago

lol just like the first few comments i was happy when i heard about DB: the movie, but it was disappointing
So i'm not expecting much of bleach either

I mean c'mon.. goku.. late teen years... still with grandpa gohan & going to parties and sh*t..

Bleach? ghost from ghostbusters getting owned by shinigami's!

Posted by IsshinTaichou 4 years ago

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