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Little bit of gaming news...

Posted by Tom 5 years ago   -  


It's the moment beat 'em up fans have been waiting for as Nintendo injects a good dose of Ninja into 2009, with NARUTO Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 European Version set to transform the Wii fighting experience across Europe on 13th February 2009 and Naruto Ninja Destiny 2 European Version launching on Nintendo DS across Europe on 6th March 2009.

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why did you do ?why did midori said you like that ...(its really harsh in japanese)

cheer up!!!!
cheer up too!!!!

Posted by mangaka_shiro 5 years ago

no clay-
midori said it to ken .....

Posted by mangaka_shiro 5 years ago


Posted by chibi_aka 5 years ago


life is easy. if ur sad, just drink beer.

Posted by historian 5 years ago

Ken: that I know, I always make good points xDDD

Posted by Uchiha_revenge 5 years ago

shiro.. im should better to go now.. and delete this damn acc.

Posted by chibi_aka 5 years ago

and mido-san said to ken that hes nothing to do because he cant understand feelings at all...wat the...?

but ken ,(an advice)go ask her ....it might be a big misunderstanding...

Posted by mangaka_shiro 5 years ago

@shiro - I don't have a clue really and yeah , i understood it too. Instead of randomly insulting people they should have gotten their facts straight.
But seriously I don't even intend to find out what's the deal. It seems like a headache if you ask me.

Posted by kenshinsama007 5 years ago

i dont drink beer ..alchohol ..etc..sorry

well if that is you want to delete it ....cheer up!!!i know you can be happy ..(aww like michi ..but i cant say it from her)

Posted by mangaka_shiro 5 years ago

hope so... @shiro

Posted by chibi_aka 5 years ago