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One Piece Manga #61 Gets Record 3.8-Million Print Run

Posted by Fandomteam 3 years ago   -  


The Japanese publisher Shueisha is producing 3.8 million copies of the 61st volume of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece pirate manga — the latest of six volume in the series to set a manga record for the most copies in its first printing. The volume is shipping on Friday.

The previous volume, volume 60, held the former record of 3.4 million copies. It sold 2,094,123 copies in its first four days of sales last November, and sold at least 2,803,817 copies as of this past Sunday, January 30. All told, over 200 million copies of the entire manga series have been printed; One Piece has had the highest number of copies printed of any Shueisha manga series.

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