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Question Author Responses
Do you like the new art from Naruto Shippuuden 167! AdamKraus 30
Do You Think The Rematch Between Naruto And Sasuke Will Live Up To It's Hype NarutoKhirey2 64
What is the best Naruto Shippuuden Fight Ever NarutoKhirey2 56
AFTER READING MANGA 500 how you feel if i told you the guy behind the mask is not MADARA cosmicNARUTO 71
Do you think konharmru will learn to become a sage atiehomar97 36
What is with the art in Naruto shippuden 167? AkatsukiMadara 40
do u think that naruto is the next sage like the sage of the six path aminur 39
is it kool or not that the senju clan and the uzumaki clan are relatives aminur 43
Last naruto episode Mortensele 22
Is naruto anime standard getting low? neofuuton 20
Is naruto anime standard getting low? neofuuton 9
madara at his best vs. kakashi, itachi sasuke peanutman7 37
what will do Tensa zangetsu to ichigo in his inner world? mbuz 37
why does naruto like RAMEN very much? akangwowo 29
Naruto should love... imkvn 69
Who would reall win in a all out brawl jayry 32
did you expect kushina to be the host of the 9 tailed fox? josewhs09 38
Will narutos son have the ninetails chakra Koibito27 18
Will sasuke come back to the hidden leaf village Koibito27 25
will naruto and hinata get married..?? mkpetti 23
Who do you think is the most powerful character? Powder119 75
bruce lee vs. sasuke who will win? secretninja703 28
sage naruto vs bankai hollow ichigo DopeMan 18
Jiraya Vs itachi zalama 38
Does Naruto gain a new power that surpasses him acquiring the nine tails power? jthornboy20 47
If Naruto fought Luffy of one piece who would win??? jayry 26
If Sakura and Hinata were to fight to the death. Who would win? SwmXyooj 88
Naruto vs Chuck Norris SwmXyooj 48
Ninjutsu vs Taijutsu SwmXyooj 27
Are you getting annoyed about people asking about "Whats in the last Coffin"? SwmXyooj 43
ARE U GOING TO BUY Naruto shippuden storm FOR (PS3) / X BOX 360 ? cosmicNARUTO 20
END?Sasuke is 2 destroy konoha.Naruto uses reapr death and kils him.Kyubi in reapers belly varunshenoyv 28
AKATSUKI playing football, who's the best striker? akangwowo 36
Was Nagato's way of peace, right? Anime_Skater 38
Suigetsu & Sai , could they be brothers? Anime_Skater 28
Who is your fav. akatsuki member? Anime_Skater 71
Will we ever find out where the othe half of the nine tails chakra went drgood1994 51
Is Kabuto a good guy drgood1994 26
Do you think Naruto is going to learn any new techniques/jutsus? GateFail 44
Do you read chapters or watch anime? mbuz 45
will sasuke be stronger than madara? marwenuz 43
who's the next kyuubi jinchuriki? akangwowo 45
Will Naruto really be able to control the ninetails originalnara 26
Do you think Naruto can fuse sage mode and 4 tails kyuubi? RCbobo 84
Who is stronger? GioGaara 57
does kabuto have what it takes to be the new micheal jackson like orochimaru? secretninja703 21
which would you prefer? (need about 100 votes) ANBU_64 58
Anyone think the anime is milking every scene with stuff that isn't in the manga? tenfoot777 32
which zampakuto is stronger? mbuz 47
Which couple is the Best? sidra23 67
which is stronger pain or madara? secretninja703 40
let's hear more about HOKAGE stories, which one you choose? akangwowo 50
Shikamaru or Choji!?!? Koibito27 24
Do you want Sakura and Naruto or Hinata and Naruto? Koibito27 63
Which Naruto girl is the hotest NArutoFox2010 86
would you like to see naruto CLUMSY AS HE DID BEFORE SHIPPUDEN? akangwowo 28
Sakura...Love or Hate? Seraph-Konan 45