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Question Author Responses
do you think Byakuya and Zaraki can Defeated Yammy ? bima1001 35
In Naruto Shippuden UN4 which character do you pick more P1SHIPPWNAGE 25
Which one is faster ? bima1001 71
who's most handsome/charming shinobi? akangwowo 47
The most INTERLLIGENT ninja....? aravind 68
Best Hokage gaara-of-the-desert 53
If naruto master the nine tailed fox who do you think will win youngszac 86
naruto kill everybody chevy33 15
Do you think killer-bee will train naruto? animafrea 31
Best fight with Naruto? WoW-naruto 42
Will Dark Naruto be destroyed? revsethsmith 19
do you thing naruto will face enemy that's stronger than akatsuki? akangwowo 28
what (summoned) animal you like to become your pet? akangwowo 42
Naruto or Dbz? wilsongg 37
Do you Think Pain is like Darth Vader? naruto101epLOL 24
naruto turn evil? chevy33 6
which clan is better?? uchihasharingan1234 42
WHOS THE BEST NINJA EVER?? uchihasharingan1234 46
would you like to see tsunade completely naked? delta_dragon 49
who would you rather train you ANBU_64 37
Will Naruto kill Sasuke when they finally fight again? blahblah52 30
Who is stronger the 5th hokage or sakura rjryan45 28
Best Naruto fight so far? wilsongg 144
Who is sexiest? Killax5456 118
Deidara Vs. Demon Lord neinara 30
is gaara goth or emo PrinceDarkshadow 42
Who would win Ichigo or Hollow Ichigo? Icecoldninja 21
Best Naruto Character?! naruto101epLOL 62
Killer-Bee Vs Raikage??And the winner is: z-existence 48
Gaaras sand VS Byakuyas bankai gaara-of-the-desert 69
Tsunade Vs Cpt. Unohana gaara-of-the-desert 41
do you think Gin will betrayed Aizen ?? bima1001 55
Tsunade Vs Cpt. Unohana gaara-of-the-desert 47
Gaaras sand VS Byakuyas bankai gaara-of-the-desert 59
Who is the best guy for Ichigo? *warning yaoi* madhatta23 22
Do you think that aizen will be defeated in the next chapters and the arc end up? mbuz 28
Who would win? Hollow45Ichigo 28
If you were any male character, who would you be? madhatta23 43
Ninja objective!!!which character is true their objective??? yuryu 55
do do you think what happen at naruto shippuden last episode??? yuryu 76
Itachi history....he kill uchiha clan because??? yuryu 50
Worst Shippuuden filler arc. K-Factor 72
who is tobi to you???? yuryu 48
Will Naruto and Sasuke have a peaceful friendship in the end. XKizerKazeX 57
what eyes do you like most? akangwowo 78
Who do you think the sixth coffin belongs to? MrNoHelp 147
Do u want Naruto to end already? jaafar 111
who would win redbonesix 25
are you tired of pervs saying "whos sexy" and other stuff like that? ANBU_64 73
How will Naruto ends? Ikuna.Uzumaki 131
if pein vs madara vs 4th hokage,who would be alive!!! yuryu 109
Do you think that Madara Uchiha used Izanagi to survive his fight with First Hokage ? Mikul 79
Which is stronger Tsunade (5th Hokage) or Mei Terumi (5th Mizukage) Aldrin93 62
Which would u prefer? ANBU_64 77
Will Uchiha Sasuke return to Konoha aka the leaf village? blooddagger1983 71
who's the most stupid shinobi? akangwowo 121
Do you think Sakura is going to end up with Naruto? MYKbrian 82
Who is stronger, Sage+Nine Tailed Naruto or Ultimate Mangenkyo Sharingan Sasuke? WoW-naruto 149
Which famous character will die next? pistonfan09 125
Do you think Hinata will end up with naruto? djsipat 90