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Question Author Responses
hinata says i love you than sakura say it is sakura annoying atiehomar97 74
kakashi vs gaara atiehomar97 51
Ten ten vs konaharmaru atiehomar97 33
Do you think Kyuubi in adult Naruto is half strong than the original? Khai_Itachi 36
Who is your favorite zanpakuto? kurosaki1315 55
Rematch: Sasuke vs Gaara (Shippuden) Minato_Uchiha7 61
Do you think Ichigo's mom was actually a hollow and not killed by a hollow? SneakyCho 37
What do you think of naruto's new powers??(send a pm to me) HollowfiedBastard 19
Naruto uns2 is on its way ....are you gonna buy it? HollowfiedBastard 21
Are you fucking pissed off coz of fucking pervert polls????(i'm) HollowfiedBastard 28
Rock Lee 8 Gates vs Naruto Sennin Mode SwmXyooj 78
YOUR MOVES kuniknife 63
Will there be a third saga? (Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Naruto ?????) raitonrasenkunai 92
If pain can bring people back to life, why didn't he bring yahiko back to life varunshenoyv 108
Did episode 174 give you goosebumps or whatever that feeling is called in your body XD. Night_Crwaler 46
will naruto fight against sasuke ? or they will fight together against tobi ? sakonofthesound 85
will guy enter the 8th gate against kisame rg1115 65
Who is The Best Character of Naruto Shippuden? Rauli15 104
Do you think that Gin is actually a good guy? deviantcw 56
Is Gin really dead forever? Shinjisuke 34
do you think gai is gonna open up the 8th gate on kisame? theajx 34
Best Fight is Shippuden Minato_Uchiha7 102
Who is the strongest (living) ninja? violinoman18 113
do you want to exist the real naruto world ? sakonofthesound 87
sasuke(kid) vs gaara(shippuden) sakonofthesound 50
What did Itachi give to Naruto before going to fight Sasuke? xaioque 174
kakashi vs kimimaro sakonofthesound 53
Who is your favorite naruto character from team 7 SiiKxLeGiit 69
Do you think Madara's side has any chance of winning the war? peanutman7 78
Now, Can Ultra Naruto Beat Gay Sasuke? blooddagger1983 71
How will Naruto die? SwmXyooj 108
If you were sasuke will you.... cyrillelan 79
Do you think when Naruto fights Sasuke he will go all 9 tails? cyrillelan 65
Do you think sasuke will follow itachi's wishes at the end miwan 73
Is this the last arc of Bleach??? Faust28 55
Why do manga girls prefer Bad Boys over Nice Guys? CleanSlate 70
who has the coolest sword therasenshuriken 103
Who is much cooler and stronger? Minato_Uchiha7 95
Who is Sakura's real love? SanKKKy 108
Will Konohamaru learn the Rasen-shuriken? proaddy123 77
do you think kisame will escape from the island? xialias 80
NEW MANGA 506-510 will might GUY kill or be killed by kisame ?? cosmicNARUTO 101
sasukes going to beat naruto and MADARA goin to take the NINE TAIL POWER cosmicNARUTO 80
Festivals that delay Manga Releases. What do you think of them? wa_hockey19 79
Will someone bring Rangiku Matsumoto back to life? deviantcw 24
Will Naruto destroy the Kyuubi Seal naruto_ever 39
in manga do you like narutos new powers kuniknife 73
Who is your favorite character? (Characters from before the main story line) Anivla01 85
Real Madara identity is NinoItahe 84
Madara is Obito is that true NinoItahe 58
sasuke vs kimimaro sakonofthesound 28
who think Itatchi put a message in Naruto for Sasuke when he uses genjustsu on Naruto sobeatit1 62
kimimaro vs might guy sakonofthesound 16
Will have Naruto all chakra elements with his new seal of sage of the six paths ? latrommi 53
Do you like Naruto's new Demon Fox form or do you like the Cloak better? JDog335 60
Why would anyone pic Orihime to be with Ichigo over Rukia? Celcees 64
wouldn't red eyes make naruto new fox-form better THISUSERNAMEISINCAPS 49
what happened in bleach#415 pogiphilip 37
What happened to Yamamoto Shinjisuke 32