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Quiz Name Author
NARUTO's LIFE zahiullah
NARUTO:x:x::x::x:x DUMYX
Great Naruto quiz (really awsome) deathadder
World of Naruto Quiz TRY IT Mezuki
World of Naruto Mezuki
For real fans only(everything about naruto) bignick956
unltimate naruto quiz (my first quiz) treeko1013
Challenging Bleach quiz #1 ;) Senbonzakara
World of Naruto Quiz WoW-naruto
General Bleach Quiz jovran
How well do you know Ulquiorra? mbuz
Team members quiz anushichka
Hidden leaf Jamrockg
u guys cant have 1 question correct 3rdblood
The powerful Pain marwenuz
do you know the number of espada ???? bima1001
Five elements ghazale_sama
do u know your naruto sasuke4ever2
5 MCQs on Naruto scarstar
Do you know all about Espada ? bima1001
who is stronger mccampbells
Do you know anything about Sado Yasuturo ??? bima1001
Who is stronger? Jojeta
ur favourites Ramnarain
do u know itachi tobi8itachi
the 20 questions about naruto, will reward the 1st to get all right DethReaper
u never have a chance simens
Character Quiz(kinda bad...) Puppets_are_Cool
True Naruto Quiz Naruto360X
The Basic Naruto Fan Exam Esmee
gotei 31 quiz redbonesix
how well do you know your naruto fights Tobi_Kun
Do you know Uchiha? naruto_shippuden_321
Naruto Quiz for beginners Sharingan__Kakashi
How well do you know Bleach? ejsm1234
Wielders of Sharingan jounin08
who will win? Y0nDa11M3
Naruto Knowledge Quiz (send me scores if you like) katsaroulhs
who is 1th 2th 3th 4th 5th 6th will be 7th 8th 9th 10th Y0nDa11M3
Which are The Most powerful techniques Y0nDa11M3
How well you know Kushina Uzumaki ana.deepblue
About Characters ana.deepblue
Characters Quiz (not for the faint of heart) coromba2k5
If you ever been on newground and type naruto, sure, take the quiz Narutolover909
quiz for pros Albay
Give Up! Sasuke Quiz elsaka
Easy Quiz Do It!! ilikegrapes
naruto quiz cursemark6
Sasuke's Hate Obitoistobi
LoL naruto is coll ChidoriBeat
narutos syameer99
Impossible 3 uchihasith
Different Naruto Quiz chriztamae
Do you know your sharingun ANBU_64
the real truth about naruto dman7231998
just answer it guys!!!! my first quiz ever tapp21

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