10 Moments From ‘Broad City’ Worthy of a “Yas Queen”


What’s better than a show produced by one hilarious woman (Amy Poehler) that features two hilarious women with a knack for doing the craziest things to make us laugh? Nothing! If you’re just starting the series or a dedicated Broad City groupie, we can all agree Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer have a comedic talent that makes their New York-based show much easier to digest than Girls, the other series about millenials living in the Big Apple. Get ready for more raunchy, hilarious, and unpredictable moments when Season 3 returns on Feb. 17 to Comedy Central. To whet your whistle, here are the 10 best moments so far that made you snap your fingers and exclaim, “YAS QUEEN!”

Eight F**king Thousand Dollars

Season 1, Episode 9: Apartment Hunters

One of the finest moments from Season 1 is a slick ode to Missy Elliot: Abbi walking into the bank like a BOSS with Ilana and a check for $8,000. Too bad she finds out later the artwork she got the money for was used in a commercial for a racist dating service. Can I get a “Yas, Queen” up in here?

Off the Wall Twerking

Ilana twerks against the wall out of joy
Season 2, Episode 4: "Knockoffs"

All of Season 1 had us laughing over Abbi’s giant crush on Jeremy, but she finally landed her man after a Vicodin-laden call post wisdom teeth surgery. Fans were excited for Abbi, but no one was more excited than her BFF, Ilana. Even while shopping counterfeit bags in some underground den with her mom, Ilana could not have shown a better reaction than twerking against a dirty wall out of extreme joy for her friend. Yas to friendship, my friends, yas!

Ilana, Poop Ninja Extraordinaire

Season 1, Episode 7: Hurricane Wanda

Ilana is a woman of many talents, like being able to sleep almost anywhere in her office and picking up guys at the bar with just a wiggle of her eyebrows. She is also basically a ninja. Embarrassed during a storm because the toilet won’t flush, Abbi relies on Ilana to get rid of the evidence, which she does. When Marla, Bevers‘ sister, later finds poop in her shoes and confronts everyone, Abbi confesses to the deed, thinking that’s where Ilana stashed her dirty work. Spoiler: it was actually Bevers who soiled the shoe while Ilana in “doo-doo ninja” mode stealthily disposed of the waste down the garbage chute.

Birthday Adrenaline Rush

Abbi lifts Ilana out of the restaurant
Season 1, Episode 10: "The Last Supper"

Abbi and Ilana successfully determined who was Beyonce and who was Jay-Z between the two of them, but Abbi’s actual birthday dinner didn’t go as smoothly. After Ilana hits the limit of her seafood intake and triggers an allergic reaction, Abbi accidentally stabs herself with the epi pen and uses the rush of adrenaline to shatter a wineglass and then lift Ilana’s unconscious body out of the restaurant…sort of. This hilarious end to Season 1 showed us the lengths these two would go for each other.

Rotisserie Chicken Punt

Season 1, Episode 3: "Working Girls"

After asking Bevers to help her pick up Jeremy’s package, she is understandably ticked off when he messes up the simple task. Combine that mistake with all the mooching he does at her apartment while not paying rent, and you can understand why we all applauded Abbi for running out of the warehouse and drop kicking his rotisserie chicken into the air. Yas, Abbi, YAS.


Season 2, Episode 5: Hashtag FOMO

One of our favorite reveals happened in Season 2 when the girls go into a night of crazy partying after a dull night at Trey‘s apartment. Abbi parties a little too hard and drunkenly leads Ilana to a strange speakeasy she’s never seen before. To Ilana’s, and our, surprise, Abbi’s secret drunk alter-ego, Val, is a charismatic and uber confident lounge singer who has apparently been frequenting that bar for the last three years. Val is a skilled pool player, can blow smoke rings with ease, and Ilana saw her straight up eat her diamond nose stud. YAS QUEEN!

Partying With the Queen Herself, Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa dips into her moonshine stash
Season 2, Episode 9: "Coat Check"

Abbi lived the dream in Season 2 when she returned Kelly Ripa‘s coat and then got to hang out with her. Things went south when Abbi quickly realized she couldn’t keep up, and she had to leave after Kelly broke out the moonshine and hard drugs. Still, this episode really made us want to party with America’s sweetheart.

The Doppelganger

Ilana realizes Adele looks like her
Season 2, Episode 9: "Coat Check"

Remember when Ilana was in Arrested Development? Just kidding, that was Alia Shawkat, but you’re not the first person to get the two actresses confused, which might be why Shawkat made an amazing guest appearance on Broad City. Shawkat’s character, Adele, is one of Ilana’s flings until the latter realizes why they seem to get along so well…they’re basically the same person. Lincoln is still #1 in our hearts, but the hookup definitely earned a “yas queen” from the fans.

Getting Their Money After a Botched Job

Season 1, Episode 1: What a Wonderful World

Trying to get money for a Lil Wayne concert, Abbi and Ilana take a somewhat sketchy Craigslist job cleaning a stranger’s house. After the weirdo, played by Fred Armisen, refuses to pay them, they wreck the apartment they just cleaned, and they leave with his collection of liquor and fur coats. This moment deserves, at the very least, two snaps and a holler of “YAS QUEEN!”

The Edge of Glory Dance Party

Abbi lip syncs to "The Edge of Glory" in the nude
Season 2, Episode 2: "Mochalatta Chills"

There’s never a moment where Abbi finds herself home alone, but opportunity presents itself one day when she comes out her room and Bevers isn’t on the couch. She immediately takes the once in a lifetime chance to do something one should always do when home alone: an impromptu, nude rendition of Lady Gaga’s “The Edge of Glory.” The upbeat music and Abbi’s ecstatic lip syncing is a teaser of Val’s slick moves, and we get to catch a glimpse of Abbi’s Oprah tramp stamp. Yas, you go, girl!

We could only fit 10 moments on this list, but there are endless hilarious scenes from the show that we wish we could relive with you. Get ready for more Broad City on Feb. 17 and keep an eye out for the moments that will make you scream, “YAS QUEEN!”

Oliver struts off saying "Yas Queen"

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