New Giveaways for Next Generation Consoles and Games!

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Gaming News

Just as we end our League of Legends giveaway, we launch several more to keep the giveaways happening! This time, we have a multitude of loot to be won, ranging from t-shirts, games and even next generation consoles! Show us how excited you are for next generation console games by being the best possible editor on the Titanfall, Destiny and The Division wikis for a chance to win a Playstation 4 or Xbox One!! All edits and contributions from now until November 15, 2013 will count for these giveaways, so get ready to show the community how awesome you are at editing wikis! Unfortunately because of legal matters, these giveaways are valid for U.S. and Canadian residents only.

We will also be giving away copies of the following games for the best editors of their respective wikis:

That’s not all! The following games will have Gamepedia “Swag” packs for editors on their wikis:

By helping us make sure that Gamepedia continues to be the number one resource for the gaming community, you will have the chance to win some really cool prizes! Log in before editing your wikis to keep track of your contributions. Gamepedia staff will use edits to determine who is creating great content to share with the community! If you’re not sure how start contributing, we have many resources for you! Each wiki has a dedicated Help Page on the sidebar and there is the new Gamepedia Help Wiki, which has tutorials and more in-depth coverage. In addition, wikis also have Community Discussion Pages, where you may interact with staff and other community members. One more way to interact, is by joining us in the #Gamepedia IRC channel!