Life is Feudal: Forest Village Puts You at the Helm of a Medieval Settlement

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A group of medieval men and women set off in a boat, hoping that they’ll find somewhere new to call their home — and it’s your job to ensure that their new settlement thrives and flourishes. Life is Feudal: Forest Village just entered early access on Steam, and it’s a challenging game of town-building and resource management, where survival is far from guaranteed. Gamepedia and Bitbox Ltd. are pleased to announce the Official Life is Feudal: Forest Village Wiki.

As soon as your villagers leave their boat and establish a settlement, Life is Feudal: Forest Village becomes a race against time. It can be difficult enough to keep your community alive under normal circumstances, but the task becomes that much harder during the winter season.

Life is Feudal: Forest Village screenshot

Without warm clothes for the townfolk, a stock of food stowed away, and enough firewood to last the cold winter months, your settlement will soon crumble. This game is all about understanding what’s necessary for your village to prosper, and making sure that you’re always planning a few steps ahead.

That means farming crops that suit your environment, and making sure that there are plenty of men and women to contribute to a plentiful harvest. It means stockpiling resources so that a natural disaster like a thunderstorm or a tornado doesn’t spell doom for your settlement. It also means keeping your denizens cheery, as their morale could be the difference between success and failure.

Here’s some footage of Life is Feudal: Forest Village in action:

Life is Feudal: Forest Village is available now via Steam Early Access. For more information, head to the game’s official website — and don’t forget to check out the Official Life is Feudal: Forest Village Wiki.