Spacebase DF-9 Enters Early Access Alpha and Launches Official Wiki at Gamepedia!

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Gaming News

If you’ve heard about Double Fine working on an unknown title, the wait and guessing game is over! Spacebase DF-9, which we saw a prototype in the studio’s Amnesia Fortnight Bundle, available in several physical editions and digitally. Today, they’re officially announcing the game and its Steam Early Access alpha! In addition, Double Fine has teamed up with Gamepedia to bring the community The Official Spacebase DF-9 Wiki!

Spacebase DF-9, a top-down sim allows you to mine, discover and explore a resettlement beyond the Earth in the future. Create a new home for yourself and check out the alpha! Newly live, the official site has everything you need to learn more about Spacebase DF-9, chat with the community on their forums and watch the game’s in-progress development as it unfolds! The benefits of participating in alphas means that you get to not only help polish a game, but have a great developer interaction.

Another way to interact with the community is by becoming an editor and contributor on the official wiki. Even if you do not have any wiki experience, we are here to help you help the community! To discover how easy editing it is, see the Help Page on the Spacebase DF-9 Wiki. The Help Wiki will give you more information, when you’re ready to expand to full contributions, including tutorials! If you find yourself with a question you can’t find the answer to, or just want to say hi, stop by the #Gamepedia IRC channel to chat with Gamepedia staff and community members!