Sombra Lore in Overwatch – Everything We Know So Far

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¿Quien es Sombra? That’s the question Overwatch fans have been asking for quite a while now. They’ve been digging through Easter Eggs, decoding messages, and watching countdown timers for months. Now, with the release of the latest heroine forthcoming, here’s what we know about Sombra so far.

First off, she wasn’t always Sombra. Before the undercut and the fancy gloves, Sombra (her real name has been redacted from all official record) was a girl orphaned in the Omnic Crisis. She supported herself by doing what she knew best: hacking. Eventually, her talents earned her the attention of the infamous Los Muertos gang. Working with them, Sombra acted as a sort of Robin Hood of information, stealing it from the rich and powerful for the benefit of those left most vulnerable after the war.

She flourished with Los Muertos until a hack gone wrong exposed her identity to an unknown entity. The exposure compromised her (and likely scared her) so badly that she felt the need to erase everything about her previous life from all record.



From the ashes of her old life rose the new and improved Sombra, armed with a new agenda and new weapons she received from heavy augmentation. With her new identity, she teamed up with the notorious group Talon. Sombra began aiding them in hacks that fomented rebellion in Mexico and almost saw the head of Volskaya Industries assassinated. But her new allies don’t seem to inspire any allegiances in her. Sombra remains dedicated solely to one person: Sombra. This leaves people with more questions than answers.

What did she uncover? What truth is she after? Where do her true loyalties lie?

Maybe after her release she’ll answer some of these questions herself, foremost among them: Who is Sombra?

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