PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Most Embarrassing Moments Ever Broadcast Live

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Gaming News

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is showing no signs of slowing down, having recently passed six million copies sold and becoming the most popular non-Valve game on Steam.

Part of what makes PUBG so popular is the fact that it offers up an endless amount of possibilities. The game gives players extraordinary freedom when it comes to choosing how to play, or their approach to any given situation. That freedom creates some truly epic moments that viewers on Twitch can’t get enough of, making it one of the most popular games to watch live — and it also allows for some hilariously embarrassing moments that are just too funny not to laugh out loud at.

Here are some of the most embarrassing PUBG moments that were captured live on Twitch.

1. “I Can Make It!”

Deep out of bounds, cfghobo puts the the pedal to the metal in an attempt to make it inside the circle, chanting “I can make it!” along the way. An unexpected bump sends his car flying into the sky, but he miraculously lands unharmed and continues on his way to safety. Unfortunately, he celebrates a little too early.

2. Ghost Jeep

Vehicles in PUBG can be terrifying, but there is perhaps nothing scarier than a jeep that doesn’t even need a driver to be deadly. In the top 10 and attempting to stay hidden, Ahardcorejedi’s friend found himself facing off against a jeep heading straight for him. He pumps bullet after bullet into the driver’s seat in an attempt to kill the driver. Just one problem: the driver was already dead.

3. Highway to Hell

It doesn’t get much more embarrassing than this clip. DisguisedToastHS, blazing across an open field on a motorcycle, decided he could use some appropriately badass music to serve as the soundtrack for his cross-island road trip, and asks for Google to play “Highway to Hell” by ACDC. His motorcycle, however, had other plans. A small hill causes DisguisedToastHS to flip forward, slamming his head into the ground and killing him instantly, just as the familiar tune begins to play in the background. Highway to hell indeed.

4. “Only Losers Die in the Red Zone”

Red zones in PUBG look and sound scary. More often than not, though, players can simply run or drive through them and come out unscathed. That’s probably why Ninja poked fun at another player’s red zone misfortune, observing that “only losers die in the red zone” during a stream. What follows next is the very definition of irony.

5. “Just Don’t Pan Me!”

The pan gives life with its bullet-deflecting properties, but it can take a life, too. During a squads match that was being broadcasted by Kollantv, one unlucky enemy player found himself at the mercy of one of the streamer’s squadmates. Knocked out but not yet dead, the player begs to be left to die in dignity, yelling “just don’t pan me!” and screaming “noooooo!” before being put out of his misery with — you guessed it — the pan.

6. Ask and You Shall Receive

When a player in the pre-game lobby asks streamer SombreroGG for his coat, things are bound to get silly. SombreroGG decides to play along, asking the player what he would admit to in front of 100 people in exchange for the coat. It’s at that moment the player removes his hat and reveals his red afro. SombreroGG deems the act sufficiently embarrassing, and drops his coat on the ground for the taking.

7. “Do I Have it Backwards?”

Straight off an embarrassing death, Werolling laments his inability to determine the position of enemy players based on the sounds they make. It’s then that he makes a shocking — and more than a little amusing — discovery: he’s been wearing his headset backwards the whole time.

8. Worst. Air Drop. Ever.

Pizzarony seems excited to climb up a mountain and claim the air drop sitting at its summit. What he finds isn’t exactly what he came for.

9. “Not This Time”

Boats leave players painfully exposed, a fact streamer GunstarPocket is fully aware of in this clip. He makes a dash for a boat sitting on the beach, all the while assuring himself that he won’t be sniped by a Kar98 like the last time he attempted a sea voyage. Fate, however, can be a cruel mistress.

10. Twitch Plays Battlegrounds Gets So Close, Yet So Far

Having been popularized by the “Twitch Plays Pokemon” phenomenon a few years ago, the idea of a collective of viewers playing a game via livestream is still alive and well. The concept doesn’t seem like it would lend itself to PUBG, a game where skill, stealth and patience are essential for success — but against all odds, Twitch Plays Battlegrounds recently managed to crawl their way into the top five. In fact, it looked like the stream might actually win. Then this happened.

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