Check Out the Improved Starbound Wiki!

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Gaming News

Earlier this month, we wrote about the Starbound Wiki and the game entering beta. Now, we’d like to show off the hard work the community and staff have been doing on improving the wiki! Have a look, read all of the great tutorials that have been written recently and watch the newly added videos. Most of all, enjoy what the community has done to make the Starbound Wiki a truly remarkable resource for everyone! Don’t forget: the wiki is also available in French and Spanish as well.

Even less than a week ago, there were only several hundred articles total. Now, the Starbound Wiki has over 2,200! That is 2,200 pages of planets, items, lore, creatures and tutorials to get everyone started with this pure sandbox game. Starbound offers multiple paths for players to enjoy, whether it be exploration, crafting or building, plus so much more. There are a lot of neat additions to find, and there is no better place to see what all Starbound has to offer than the wiki! 

If you’re just getting started with Starbound, check out our great Beginner’s Guide and Getting Started pages. Or if you prefer, we also have a great series of introductory videos on the Gamepedia YouTube channel

Want to help the Starbound Wiki continue to improve and be even more awesome? Become a contributor! Contributing is easy, whether you’re simply making grammar improvements to what already exists or adding in completely new content. Have a look at the Help Wiki on where to get started, where you’ll find everything from basic wiki syntax help to complete tutorials on adding widgets and pages. You can also chat with staff and community members by joining Gamepedia in IRC — come say hello!