Wiki Spotlight: Dawngate

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Gaming News

As Dawngate begins its closed beta test with patch four this weekend, we are pleased to highlight the Dawngate Wiki! While it is a relatively new wiki, the community has taken to it by storm with updates, expanded content, and information as soon as its made available by developer Waystone Games.

Instead of Dawngate being just another MOBA, Waystone wants to focus on making the genre more accessible to new players, while giving it a familiar feel to those more experienced with MOBAs. Waystone also believes in fostering a positive environment, as well as a collaboration with players, which includes constant gameplay streams on their channel. They also have open discussions regarding beta with the entire community and not just those who are participating in beta. Lastly, Dawngate introduces meaningful lore that creates an evolving story which unfolds during gameplay.

Dawngate also gives players Spirit Wells, which are capturable economy driven objectives. Spirit Wells spawn workers to gather vim, the in-game currency, for the controlling team. These workers can be farmed and killed off, though, allowing the non-controlling team to disrupt economy flow. Spirit Wells are contested objectives, which means that the the other team can take over and assume control!

Be sure to sign up for beta and then check out what the community is doing with the wiki! Like all of the wikis on Gamepedia, the Dawngate Wiki is created for and by the community. Everyone is welcome to participate! Not sure where to start? Head over to the help page for tips on contributing and editing!