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Fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign, MyDream has teamed up with us for the Official MyDream Wiki at Gamepedia! MyDream combines several appealing areas — voxel building, a vast sandbox, and RPG — and creates a new game with a fun twist that will keep players coming back for more. Not only does MyDream give you a world to play in, but part of what will make it such a great success is how it is set up for direct input from players that will allow them to be content creators. Not just through building wonderful structures, caverns, mazes and anything else they can imagine, but players can also design quests, complete with experience and loot rewards!

MyDream opens the possibility of an entirely new world each time a player logs in. While structures you build can be set so that you are the only person who can change them, the rest of the world is completely editable. Players earn experience from creating adventures, adding to the world, hiding treasures for others to find and from having anything they build copied and used by other players. For example, if you have a modest cabin in the woods and someone copies your chimney for use in something they’re building, you log in and gain experience for this! You have the chance to rate the creations of others and they can rate what you create in return. MyDream rewards content creators, which will ensure that there is always something new for players to enjoy.

Now that MyDream has met its funding goal on Kickstarter, you can expect to see plenty of new information coming out for the game! Help the Official MyDream Wiki continue to be the best community resource possible by contributing and editing. To learn more about contributing, have a look at the Help Wiki to get started.