5 DC Characters You Didn’t Know Were Teen Titans

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Since their debut back in 1964, the Teen Titans have had nearly 95 unique and interesting members and a few others whose status is questionable. Some were created solely for the Titans, but others were already well-known characters in DC’s mythos that decided to join up. Here are 5 DC characters that you didn’t know were Teen Titans.

Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner)

Kyle Rayner as Green Lantern
"In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night..."

One of Earth’s many Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner was a member of the New Titans (a name given to that particular team) when Arsenal was its leader. Although his first real encounter with the Titans was when he was under the telepathic control of Psimon, Kyle eventually helped the Titans defeat Psimon, and received a formal invitation to join.

Right before his tenure with the Titans began, Kyle’s girlfriend, Alex DeWitt, was brutally murdered. This is important to note because while he was with the Titans, he began a relationship with teammate Donna Troy. They continued to date for several years after the New Titans disbanded, but broke up and got back together several times up until Donna’s ex-husband and children died in a car accident.

Though his time with the Titans was relatively short-lived, Kyle is still remembered by a few old fans as being the only Lantern who has also been a Titan.

The Atom (Ray Palmer)

Ray Palmer as the Atom

After the events of Zero Hour left Ray Palmer a teenager, he founded another Teen Titans team alongside Cody Driscoll (Risk), Isaiah Crockett (Joto), Audrey Spears (Prysm), and Toni Monetti (Argent). Together, they fought the H’San Natall, an evil race of aliens. Loren Jupiter, an ally of the original team, became an ally of Ray and the others along with his daughter, Omen.

Ray led the team, and they all became good friends. Also, because Ray had been de-aged, he lacked the maturity and knowledge of his adult self, which made him even more of a peer of the others. Though he often felt that he was a step above the others because he been a member of the Justice League, he eventually realized that they were all heroes just as much as he was.

Ray’s time with the Titans came to an end when he returned to his normal, adult form. Soon after, the team disbanded, with most of them going their separate ways.

Captain Marvel, Jr./CM3 (Freddy Freeman)

Captain Marvel, Jr.

Freddy Freeman (Captain Marvel, Jr., but known as CM3 at the time) was an ally and later a member of the Atom’s incarnation of the Titans. He first helped the team in issue #4, but he officially joined their ranks in issue #17 alongside Fringe.

During his time with them, he went on a date with Argent, but it went horribly wrong (he couldn’t pay the bill). The two understandably ended it then and there. Freddy was with the Titans until their disbandment in issue #24. He went solo and remained that way for several years. He was also a member of New Young Justice, a team that included both past and future Titans members.

Freddy’s foster brother, Christopher “Kit” Freeman, was also a member of the Titans as Kid Eternity, though at a separate time than Freddy.

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)

The Girl of Steel.

Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl, joined Tim Drake’s Teen Titans soon after the Amazons Attack! event. Her time with them wasn’t that long, but she’s still a Titan through and through.

She and Wonder Girl were already good friends before Kara joined the Titans, and their friendship grew after Kara’s joining. She also began a brief relationship with her Apokoliptan teammate, Power Boy. Their relationship ended, however, when she found out that he had been stalking her for months. He also displayed abusive tendencies that further cemented their break-up.

Though she officially left the team in issue #55, she returned as a reserve member in issues #99 and #100 and remained a close ally to them.

Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes)

Jaime Reyes as Blue Beetle

Jaime Reyes, the third person to use the Blue Beetle moniker, only had the Scarab that gave him his abilities for a short while before he became an ally to the Titans. Though he first started fighting beside them in issue #50 of the series, he didn’t receive an invitation to join them until #61.

During the time that he was a member, his girlfriend, Traci Thirteen, was also offered membership. But, she declined, stating that she felt that it would be too awkward to be on the same team as her boyfriend. She was still an ally to the team, though.

Later, Jaime took some time off to spend time with his family, but like Supergirl, he remained a close ally of the Titans and stuck around as a reserve member.

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