5 DC Superheroes LEGO Needs to Make a Movie About Next

Ayo Norman - Williams
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DC movies have become notorious for their grim, dark tone. In recent years, and especially in their current Extended Universe, DC has established themselves as the antithesis of Marvel. They’ve brought muted colours, minimal humour, and brutal action.

But it doesn’t always have to be like that. As 2017’s The LEGO Batman Movie proved, the film gave us the best cinematic Batman in years. It also showed that DC can be goofy at heart, and it’s okay to embrace that. So, here are a few other characters who could benefit from the LEGO Batman treatment.


A still of LEGO Superman flying, from The LEGO Movie.
LEGO Superman, as he appears in 2014's 'The LEGO Movie'.

Superman is arguably the hero who’s suffered most in the DCEU. Tonally, his portrayal has been all over the place. We’ve seen him overemotional, overly scowly, and utterly brutal. For most of his appearances so far, he’s been unrecognisable next to classic Superman. Granted, Justice League did show us that lighthearted Superman again, but the LEGO movies have done a far better job at giving us a modern take on classic Supes.

LEGO Superman appeared in both The LEGO Movie and The LEGO Batman Movie, voiced by Channing Tatum. There, he fought (and partied) alongside the LEGO Justice League. LEGO Superman is unapologetically fun, never missing a comedic beat. Right now, he’s the League member that would benefit the most from being free from an oppressively dark universe. He and LEGO Green Lantern (played by Jonah Hill in a Jump Street callback) have an awesome dynamic, too, so a buddy movie with the two of them would work really well.


Lego Aquaman, posing with his trident.
A LEGO Aquaman movie could work just as well as 'The LEGO Batman Movie' did.

Aquaman is and always has been a silly character. He talks to fish in the ocean, wears a sparkly orange top, and rides a seahorse. The DCEU has done a good job of modernising the character, but are they taking him too seriously? A LEGO Aquaman movie would fix that.

The writers of a LEGO-fied Aquaman movie could simultaneously pay homage to the superhero and poke fun at him. LEGO Batman managed to achieve that balancing act with references and character moments showing the writers’ appreciation for Batman. It would be awesome to see Aquaman shown that same love.

Kyrpto the Superdog

LEGO Krypto, as he appeared in the video game LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham.
LEGO Krypto would be outlandish, but a ton of fun.

What’s it like being a superhero’s pet dog? A LEGO Krypto the Superdog could answer that! Krypto is Superman’s childhood pet dog from Krypton, with all the same powers (only in canine form).

The beauty of the LEGO movies is that they can go in directions that the live-action movies wouldn’t be able to pull off. A story about Superman’s pet would be way too outlandish for the DCEU but it would fit right into the lighthearted LEGO universe.

Plastic Man

LEGO Plastic Man stretching and looping his neck around.
Plastic Man's versatility would lend itself well to a LEGO film.

Plastic Man is a hero whose body has the properties of rubber, allowing him to squash, stretch, and squeeze into any shape imaginable. Plastic Man has always been a comic relief hero, and that makes him a perfect fit for a LEGO appearance. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine him in that universe. His power alone suits the LEGO format and a LEGO Plastic Man movie could go anywhere with the concept of changing into any shape.

The LEGO universe has also introduced the idea of Master Builders. They’re special characters who can build at breakneck speed, crafting anything and everything. The Master Builder sequences have been among the most exciting parts of the LEGO series. What if LEGO Plastic Man had similar sequences for big transformations? They could be visually stunning if done right. It’s out there, I know, but it could work.

Dial H for Hero

Robby Reed, surrounded by some of the heroes he can transform into.
A LEGO Dial H for Hero could open the door for hundreds of unique heroes in one movie.

Dial H for Hero debuted in 1966, and it stars Robby Reed (and others, in later incarnations). He’s a young boy who finds an alien dial that transforms him into a random superhero every time he uses it. This is perfectly suited for a LEGO movie and has endless potential.

Since the series is so obscure, it’s practically a blank slate. The writers could take creative liberties with the plot and tell an original story which is always a plus in the oversaturated superhero genre. As well as that, the premise lends itself perfectly to the sense of creativity in the LEGO movies. Those random heroes could have any powers, any appearance, and any personality. It’s free reign to go crazy, and that’s what the LEGO movies do best.

Ideally, every DC hero would appear in a LEGO movie at some point. The DC Universe has amazing potential for crossovers in the LEGO universe. It’s the perfect way to expose some lesser-known heroes. It’s also great for bringing some much-needed levity to some DC characters who need it. LEGO Batman showed us how well it can work out, and we need more of that.

Ayo Norman - Williams
Ayo is a young animator/writer/aspiring games designer who finds it very difficult to write about himself in the third person.
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