5 Manga That Deserve an Anime Adaptation

Lucas DeRuyter
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Anime Comics

As anime becomes more and more mainstream with every passing season, it can still be rather difficult to find a legal way to read manga in English-speaking regions. Adapting a manga into an anime is a great way to expose a wider audience to the unique and fascinating story between its pages. It also allows fans of the manga to enjoy their favorite parts of the story in a brand-new medium. For as many fantastic anime that exist, there are even more incredible manga; and these five manga series are most deserving of an anime adaptation.

The Promised Neverland

A very promising series.

The Promised Neverland is a story about a bunch of happy children living together in a secluded orphanage with their caretaker mother looking after them as though they were one big family. Not really though, as the children quickly discover that the orphanage is actually a farm that raises children so that the demons who have taken over the world can consume them. Realizing this, the children must devise a way to escape from their farm and try to survive in a world that wants to eat them.

This manga is a fantastic thriller that deserves an adaptation so that more people can experience its dark yet heartwarming story. An anime adaptation would also help fix the weaker elements of the manga, like the somewhat inconsistent quality of the artwork. All in all, The Promised Neverland is a phenomenal manga that would make for a harrowing anime.

Dr. Stone

A rock-solid action-comedy.

The society we live in today is the result of millions of years of gradual scientific advancements and struggle. But what if all of that advancement suddenly disappeared? Could mankind use the methods and ingenuity we created over thousands of years to rebuild society from scratch? The Dr. Stone manga series explores these questions and answers them in a comical, yet compelling way.

It’s tough not to love the Dr. Stone manga. Its premise and characters are so ridiculous yet it’s so completely committed to its concept that the series would make for a stellar anime. Dr. Stone is wacky and has some genuinely unique characters that are prime for an appearance in the animated medium.

Robot x Laserbeam

Golf……but interesting.

Robot x Laserbeam is a pretty standard sports manga, but with a few interesting twists. Rather than center on a more active sport, this manga revolves around the somewhat tepid sport of golf. Also, the titular character, Robo, is heavily implied to have some kind of high-functioning autism.

The combination of these factors makes for an unusual and genuinely entertaining experience that depicts the experiences of a young man finding friends and leading a fulfilling life while being unable to express himself fully to those around him.

Robtot x Laserbeam is clearly a series that cares deeply about golf and depicts mental health issues in a more authentic and positive way. These elements make it a great manga and would make it an even better anime. At the very least, an anime that makes golf enjoyable would be a sight to behold.

Platinum End

Angels and our demons.

Platinum End – a manga by the duo who created Death Note – would be a terrific anime. In this story’s universe, God is retiring, and his replacement is set to be the victor of a 13-person battle royal with each entry being someone who has given up on life. This manga manages to combine the intense drama of Death Note and couple it with some truly jaw-dropping action scenes.

Platinum End meets all of the criteria needed to merit an anime adaptation. It has a phenomenal story, enough content to be successfully adapted to a full season of anime, and is from the creators of one of the most popular anime ever conceived.

To avoid spoilers, I won’t get too deep into the wild ride that is Platinum End’s story. Just know that this is a beautiful and amazing manga that deserves an anime adaptation and should have a much larger fandom than what it currently has.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Parts 5-8

Let the adventure continue.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has had half of its story arcs adapted into anime so far. While parts one and two were rather middling, the third and fourth story arcs were some of best seasons of shōnen anime ever created. While being admittedly goofy and weird, part three – Stardust Crusaders – and part four – Diamond is Unbreakable – are some the most creative and entertaining stories every presented in either the drawn or animated medium.

JoJo’s parts five to eight also promise to be as entertaining as these phenomenal story arcs. Each of these story arcs focuses on a relatable and relevant story with characters that are as entertaining as they are insane.

All of these manga stories deserve an anime adaptation. And while they are sure to be animated eventually, that time cannot arrive quickly enough.

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