5 Things We Want to See in ‘Aggretsuko’ Season 2

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Netflix kicked off Anime Expo with the announcement that the short anime Aggretsuko will return for a second season in 2019. The series follows Retsuko, a red panda who works in her dream company’s accounting department. Unfortunately, she’s forced to do the tasks of her superiors and co-workers. She releases all her pent-up frustration by covering death metal songs at a local karaoke club.

The series appealed to both Netflix and anime fans alike. So, it wasn’t a big surprise when news of a second season broke. But since Aggretsuko is an original work, we don’t know what to expect from the anime in its second season; all we can do is speculate.  So, here are five things we want to see in Aggretsuko Season 2.

A Hello Kitty Cameo

5 things we want to see in ‘Aggretsuko’ season 2 Hello Kitty to make an appearance

Many anime fans were shocked to learn that Retsuko, the death metal-loving red panda, is actually a part of the Hello Kitty collection. Who would’ve thought such a cute set of animal characters could have a dark side? So, why not throw us another twist by having the series’ titular character, Kitty White (aka Hello Kitty), make an appearance in season two.

It would be interesting to see how Sanrio, famous for plastering images of kawaii (cute) characters on almost everything, would incorporate Hello Kitty, a somewhat domestic female character into the corporate world of Aggretsuko. Would the pressure break her or would she glide through her microaggressions with her homemade cookies?

Death Metal Moments in Real Life

5 things we want to see in ‘Aggretsuko’ season 2 More Death Metal Moments

Right from the start, viewers already know what they’re in for. They get to see the harassment and insults that makeup Retsuko’s work life, but they also get to see her love for death metal music. While these scenes would make Children of Bodom proud, the majority of them play out in Retsuko’s head. This is what makes this series so popular.

During these moments of rage, Retsuko drunkenly spews the truth about her work life. Her tale of an inappropriate boss and disrespectful co-workers is one that many women in the workplace can relate to. The creators should add more of these scenes but with a twist — have them play out in the real world. Removing her confessions and grievances from the confines of her mind would help fans connect with her more. It’s time for a workplace revolution.

New Love Interest

5 things we want to see in ‘Aggretsuko’ season 2 New Love Interest

While Aggretsuko may be about the treatment of female employees, it also features a bit of romance. In the second half of the season, Retsuko meets Resasuke, another red panda from her office. Around the workplace, he’s known as “Space Cadet” for always spacing out. Despite all this, Retsuko falls for Resasuke. But, it doesn’t last. Through karaoke, she confesses her love for death metal and how boring she thinks he is — and they break up.

Retsuko’s other love interest is Haida, who has a massive crush on our favorite beer-drinking red panda. But despite all his best efforts, he doesn’t get her attention — until he ends up in the hospital. By the end of the episode, it looks like Retsuko will fall for Haida. But if that were to happen, it would be a letdown for fans because she’s never expressed interest before. Fans deserve a love story that takes more effort.

Adding a new character could help with this, especially if they can break Retsuko out of her shell. Someone who pushes her to be carefree and gives her the courage to rage against the corporate machine. Perhaps the yoga instructor can use his telepathic abilities to help Retsuko come out of her shell.

Varied Storylines

Aggretsuko became popular due to its brutal, yet realistic take on the Japanese corporate world. The series also teaches us that we shouldn’t become infatuated with the idea of a person. We should accept them as they are, including their faults. But what other issues does a young office worker like Retsuko deal with? Does she have career ambitions outside of working in the accounting department for a “shitty boss”?

A woman in her mid-twenties has hobbies, ambitions, and personal problems aside from her career and love life. Seeing Retsuko explore these new paths would make her a more fully rounded and related character who would resonate even better with viewers.

More Episodes

5 things we want to see in ‘Aggretsuko’ season 2 More Episodes

With only ten episodes that ran about 15 minutes each last season, Aggretsuko is the perfect anime to binge-watch during your lunch break. But by the season finale, fans still wanted more of the furry creature. The series captured the audience with its comedy, soundtrack, and lovable characters. So, fans would be pleased to get an extra episode or two next season.

Since the series isn’t bound to any manga or other source material, Sanrio can go in any direction they like, including expanding the episode count.  By adding more installments to the second season, Netflix could tell Retsuko’s journey in the corporate world in greater detail. A few more death metal karaoke scenes wouldn’t hurt either.

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