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Gaming News

Play as humanity’s leader, exploring the edge of the solar system, in the not too distant future in Horizon. Horizon is a space exploration game with turn based combat, developed by L30 Interactive. We’re very happy to announce that Gamepedia is partnering with L30 and hosting the official Horizon Wiki!

Horizon is available through Steam for Early Access, is in its early development stages, allowing anyone playing the game now to be involved in shaping Horizon as it develops! For those of you who love space combat, you’ll be delighted to know that Horizon features fully tactical ship controls. Take your battle to outter space! Explore systems, meet new races, learn about their cultures and build out colonies. This PC game offers players a vast set of options to keep gameplay enjoyable and interesting!

When you’re not out trying to learn the secrets to Gargal intergalactic travel, stop by the official wiki and be a contributor! There are several ways you can help Horizon become a truly remarkable game. One is by taking advantage of Steam’s Early Access. The other is by becoming a wiki contributor, as every wiki at Gamepedia relies on the community to be the best game resource possible. For more information, see Horizon’s Help Page, the new Gamepedia Help Wiki and join us in IRC!