The 6 New Characters Speeding to ‘The Flash’ in Season 4

Joseph Wilbur
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As The Flash Season 4 fast approaches, there’s a slew of new characters to get acquainted with. These new characters include possible allies as well as villains more dangerous than anything Barry and Team Flash has faced before. Here, we catch up on all the confirmed additions to the show.

Clifford DeVoe

Known as “the fastest mind alive,” Clifford DeVoe is the first big bad Team Flash will face that is not a speedster. A meta-human with a mega-mind, DeVoe has some serious OCD (nearly as bad as Damien Dahrk) and has set out on a crusade to fix the “mistakes” in humankind. You can read about ‘The Thinker’ in greater detail here.

The Mechanic

A character with hardly any comic-book history, the Mechanic is DeVoe’s right-hand girl and a genius engineer who is responsible for making sure the Thinker has the right gadgets. She is described as being willing to stick with DeVoe “no matter the consequences,” which begs the question: what did the Thinker do to earn such loyalty?

If the writers of The Flash decide to use some elements of the comic-book Mechanic version of the character, we could see a telekinetic meta. Now that would be one unique threat for Team Flash.

Elongated Man

Team Flash is going to have their hands full with the newest addition to their team, Ralph Dibny. A meta-human who can stretch his body to super-human proportions, Elongated Man has what is described as a “misguided sense of truth.”

This unique ability to stretch gives Ralph some pretty neat tricks. In the comics, he could flatten himself to squeeze through the smallest of gaps and manipulate his fingers to transform into keys, allowing him to pick locks. In some instances, he has even been able to manipulate his appearance for disguises.

His stretchability also gives Elongated Man the ability to take stabs, punches, and even blasts from energy weapons that would kill an ordinary human. While The Flash will need to establish the limits of his abilities, the show is still exploring Barry’s abilities as a speedster, so we can definitely expect to see some unique uses of Ralph’s abilities as well.


Remember the bounty hunter named Gypsy, from Earth-19? Well turns out the apple doesn’t fall very far from the tree — Gypsy’s father is also a bounty hunter with what appears to be very similar powers to Vibe and his daughter.

Unlike most of the other character’s on this list, Breacher‘s allegiance is currently unknown. However, the most likely possibility is that he’s an ally considering bounty hunters on Earth-19 are law enforcers.

Comic book Breacher’s powers are even more refined than those of Gypsy and Vibe. He can teleport himself between dimensions, transport whole hordes of people, and even tear people from other dimensions into his own. This strength requires him to live inside a special suit, as he would not survive without it. He is definitely not someone you want to cross, and it’ll be interesting to see someone with a greater grasp of Cisco Ramon’s powers.


Rebecca Sharpe is another confirmed villain for The Flash Season 4. Her metahuman powers are only described as “the universe on her side” that came from a “freak accident.” It’s unclear if this accident has anything to do with the particle accelerator though. If not, we could see a new addition to a line of meta-humans whose powers don’t come from the dark matter wave.

Comic book Rebecca, better known as Hazard, has the ability to influence probability to fit her needs. Beware, get on her bad side, and an “accident” may come your way. The opposite is also true — she can cause good luck to further her agenda.

The Amunet Black

The “steely” leader of an underground villain black market, Amunet Black is said to have a “long list of meta-humans” at her beck and call. In the comics, Amunet, otherwise called Blacksmith, uses the Rogues to attempt a takeover of several cities. To ensure her victory, she makes sure that each Rogue in her team has full control of their abilities, teaching them each tricks to maximize their potential.

Many of the Rogues on the show are still at large, and if she can make deadly villains even more powerful, Team Flash will be in for quite the battle.

Amunet is also a meta-human, and if that’s any indication to go by, Blacksmith will be adopting her comic book counterpart’s powers over metal. A fusion between inorganic metal and organic flesh, Amunet can replicate her fusion outside of her body and she may have some other unique abilities that have to do with metal as well.

The Flash Season 4 premieres on October 10, 2017, with the episode titled “The Flash Reborn.”

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