6 Questions ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 4 Needs to Answer

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As we wait for Season 4 of Rick and Morty, we’re still sitting in the aftermath of Season 3’s finale. Now, while the last season had some strong episodes, the ending left much to be desired. However, it still gave us much to think about with even more issues left up in the air. This makes us wonder: what questions do we need answered next season?

What Happened to Beth’s Mother?

Rick's fictitious family.

Ever since Rick imagined Kid Beth and Wife Diane in “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, speculation over Grandma Sanchez has never been higher. If there’s one thing Season 3 did right, it dove deeper into Beth’s character and her relationship with Rick. We caught a glimpse of her childhood in “The ABC’s of Beth”, but it still focused on the father-daughter connection.

The characters rarely mention Beth’s mother which only makes us wonder why? Rick’s feelings on attachment are clear, so what kind of woman would have a child with him and what became of her?

What About Squanchy and Birdperson?

Rick's most treasured photograph.

Rick and Morty has a tendency to avoid recurring characters. The series sometimes builds up a character just to kill them off (R.I.P. Krombopulos Michael). The main exceptions are Rick’s closest “friends” — the party animal Squanchy and the monotonic Birdperson. These characters appeared briefly in Season 1, are further developed in Season 2, but are mostly absent in Season 3.

When we last saw Squanchy, he was hulking out and preparing to crush Tammy after she shot Birdperson. Though the latter was turned into a cyborg at the end of “The Rickshank Rickdemption”, Squanchy’s fate and Birdperson’s state of mind have yet to be revealed.

What Is Evil Morty’s Plan?

Evil Morty outsmarts the Citadel of Ricks.

After Evil Morty‘s first appeared in “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”, he instantly became a fan favorite. The idea of an intelligent Morty who hates Rick captivated fans and kept us wondering what he’d do next.

In “The Ricklantis Mixup”, Evil Morty becomes a politician in the newly reformed Citadel of Ricks and demonstrates his new leadership by eliminating a majority of his Rick-filled cabinet. Now that he controls the Citadel and has killed everyone who knows his past, it’s safe to assume that Evil Morty is set to cause untold chaos. Even worse, our original heroes know nothing of Evil Morty’s existence nor of his intentions.

Is the Galactic Federation Still Out There?

A Galactic Federation Assault Team.

Since the pilot episode, the Galactic Federation has been a recurring presence in Rick and Morty’s adventures. Controlled by floppy bug-people, this space government embodies everything that Rick opposes: order, rules, organization, and control.

Although Rick mainly avoids the government, they finally capture him in “The Wedding Squanchers” and take over Earth. Season 3 opened with Rick’s escape, however, the end slate showed a living Tammy entering a Federation facility to activate the cybernetic Birdperson leading us to wonder if Rick’s worst enemy might still return.

How Did Rick Get Started?

A drunk Rick tells Morty he's gonna destroy the world.

Rick is a difficult character, but more accurately, he’s a hedonistic, nihilistic, freedom-fighter with sociopath tendencies and an immeasurable arrogance that comes from an extreme sense of self-awareness that he is the smartest man in the universe. That’s a lot for anyone to have on their shoulders.

Aside from a brief look at his criminal history, little is known of Rick before Morty. He doesn’t talk about this time and Beth has almost no memories of Rick when she was growing up. Rick is one of kind, a force of chaos that decides what lives or dies, and we can only ask: How did Rick become Rick?

Is the Run the Jewels Heist Canon?

Call this a personal note, but I have to at least mention the “Oh Mama” adventure. Made as a filler of sorts to satisfy our hunger until Season 4 returns (whenever that will be), the Run the Jewels song accompanies our heroes pulling off a job to steal a mysterious suitcase in a clear homage to Pulp Fiction.

Directed by Juan Meza-León, the video has all the charm and creativity of a legitimate episode and raises a whole other set of questions that need answers. Seriously, considering all the effort that went into this gem, it wouldn’t feel right to leave it out of the story.

From Beth’s mom to Rick’s origins, Season 3 did nothing but stoke the fires of our curiosity. These are just some of the mysteries eating away at us and we hope these questions and the many more the show has left us with will be answered in the next season of Rick and Morty.

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