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In the last few years, anime has become mainstream thanks to live-action adaptations, celebrities sharing their fondness for the medium, and the positive critical reception of recent anime movies. With the help of streaming services like Hulu, fans can consume shows much easier than before. The downside to this newfound accessibility is the sheer quantity of anime now available to consumers. It makes it easy for great anime series to slip through the cracks. So, we’ve scoured Hulu’s anime content and found several hidden gems. Here are six underrated anime on Hulu that you should watch.

Nabari no Ou

 Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu Nabari no Ou

Nabari no Ou follows 14-year-old Miharu Rokujou, a silent, mischievous boy who unknowingly possesses a powerful technique known as Shinrabansho, a power that many ninja clans want to own. Miharu’s teacher Kumohira and classmate Kouichi Aizawa, both members of the Banten clan, strive to protect Miharu from the vicious Kairoshu —  who threatens to rip the power of Shinrabansho out of him by any means necessary.

From ninja warfare to heartbreak to dealing with depression, Nabari no Ou is a hidden gem that unfortunately often gets overlooked. Categorized as a ninja shounen series, Nabari no Ou exists in a genre that’s dominated by Naruto. Whenever the terms “ninja” and “anime” get tossed around, fans automatically think of Naruto Uzumaki and friends. This makes it difficult for any other ninja anime to leave a lasting impression on viewers. But Nabari no Ou is an exciting show that deserves a fair shot. It deals with many real-life themes like mortality, gender identity, and friendship in ways that Naruto doesn’t.

Eden of The East

Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu Eden of The East

On November 22, 2010, several missiles hit Japan. Fortunately, there were no casualties, which led people to dub the attack “Careless Monday.” Three months later, college student Saki Morimi is on a graduation trip to America. During her trip, she decides to visit the White House to throw a coin onto the grounds.

Unfortunately, this innocent act lands her in trouble with the police. Luckily, she’s saved by the cheerful, odd Akira Takizawa, a stark-naked young man suffering from amnesia. He believes that he’s a terrorist and has a strange cell phone loaded with almost 10 billion yen in digital money.

Despite all this, Saki befriends the mysterious young man. But, unbeknownst to her, this would be the beginning of a thrilling survival game involving money, cell phones, and the world’s salvation. Eden of the East is the perfect combination of suspense, drama, and romance, which, unfortunately, often gets overlooked by the anime community.

Gun x Sword

Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu Gun x Sword

Released in 2005, Gun x Sword follows Van, a drifter looking for his fiancée’s murderer, The Claw, and Wendy Garret, a 13-year-old girl looking for her kidnapped older brother Michael.

During his travels, Van saves Wendy’s hometown of Evergreen from a group of bandits sporting armor (mecha) known as the Wild Bunch. After rescuing the town, Van learns that the group has ties to The Claw and had a hand in kidnapping Wendy’s brother.

With the Wild Bunch indisposed, Van and Wendy (much to Van’s displeasure) go on a journey to search for The Claw. Little do they know that he’s much more dangerous than they could ever imagine.

The more you watch Gun X Sword, the more it sucks you in. The 26-episode show is full of characters with meaningful arcs, including a strong young female lead. Also, thanks to Studio Tulip’s great animation and art direction, the show’s mecha battles and its expansive world, which includes underwater, western, and space settings truly shine.

Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit

Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit

The New Yogo Empire is on the brink of a drought of epic proportions. To avoid famine, the Star Readers, members of the Imperial Court, arrive with a plan. Through ancient myths, they learn that the first emperor, along with eight warriors, destroyed a water demon to avoid the drought and save Shin Yogo. If a water demon were to appear once more, its death could bring salvation. The water demon manifests itself within the body of the emperor’s son, Prince Chagum. But that doesn’t stop the emperor from issuing an order that calls for his son’s death.

At the same time, a mysterious mercenary named Balsa Yonsa arrives in New Yogo. After saving Chagum from an assassination attempt, Chagum’s mother asks Balsa to protect him from the emperor. Bound by a sacred vow she once made, she accepts. Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit follows Balsa as she protects Chagum and explores the beauty of life, nature, and friendship.

The Wallflower

Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu The Wallflower

The Wallflower centers on four guys, a mansion, a landlord, and one huge problem for the boys: the rent. When Sunako Nakahara’s crush calls her ugly, the incident causes Sunako to avoid anything beauty-related.

Concerned with her niece’s sudden change in behavior, Sunako’s aunt, the owner of a beautiful mansion where four boys live, offers to let the men live rent-free. But only if they can turn Sunako into the “perfect lady.” If they fail, their rent triples. Being the pretty boys that they are, they accept the challenge. After all, they have the skills to turn anyone into the perfect lady. But, they’ve never met a girl like Sunako.

The Wallflower is of amusingly funny moments. Its humorous take on the reverse harem genre is one of the many reasons to check out this shōjo series.

Hamatora The Animation

Underrated Anime to Watch on Hulu Hamatora The Animation

Despite having two seasons, Hamatora The Animation is often overlooked. In this alternate world, a limited number of humans have special abilities. People call them “Minimum Holders.” The story focuses on the Hamatora Detective Agency‘s two detectives, Nice and Murasaki. Their office is a table at Cafe Nowhere, where the duo and their coworkers await new clients.

Each case they receive is somehow connected to the serial killer whom their friend Art, a police officer, is searching for. The victims all share a common trait: they are Minimum Holders. Nice and Murasaki, as holders themselves, along with their friends, hope to catch the serial killer. What they don’t know is that Nice appears to have a link with the murderer. Will this help the duo find the killer? Or will they become victims themselves?

If you have a Hulu account, then Hamatora The Animation is definitely worth checking out. The series will entertain you with its flashy fight sequences, suspense, plot twists, and comic relief.

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