What We Learned About ‘Riverdale’ Season 2 and ‘Sabrina’ at NYCC

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 Riverdale fans have a lot to be hyped about right now. Season 2 of The CW’s hit teen drama is just days away, and there’s the Sabrina spin-off on the horizon. Executive Producer/Archie Comics CEO Jon Goldwater promised fans at New York Comic Con that there’s some great stuff coming up.

“Season 2 is going to be so much better than Season 1,” Goldwater said. “And Season 1 was great!”

Riverdale Season 2 has 22 episodes — that’s nine more than the first season — and with them comes plenty of drama.

Things will be getting complicated for Betty and Jughead, thanks to Jughead’s allegiance to the Serpents. And “Varchie” are in for changes, too, due in part to the return of Veronica’s dad, and an old boyfriend who shows up on the scene.

In spite of the drama, there will be plenty of time for love… or at least lust. “Season 2 is a lot more twisted in a way, and just kind of naughtier and sexier,” star Lili Reinhart said in a recent interview. “But it’s also a lot more messed up.”

More Archie Characters Will Appear in Season 2

We already know we’ll be seeing Toni Topaz. Betty’s long-lost brother, Chic, played by Hart Denton, shows up. And it looks like Britt Morgan will be guest starring as Penny Peabody, an attorney who Jughead goes to for help.

At NYCC, Goldwater told fans that even more new characters from Archie Comics would be introduced in Riverdale Season 2, although he stopped short of naming names. Could he be alluding to the appearance of characters who may set the stage for the upcoming Sabrina series?

The Sabrina Series Premieres in 2018

The second CW series based on Archie Comics premiere in 2018. It’s a TV adaptation of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comic. “If you liked Riverdale, you’re absolutely going to like Sabrina,” Goldwater said. He assured fans that the new show will be “much darker” than the previous adaptation of the comic that starred Melissa Joan Hart.

While Riverdale and Sabrina will take place within a shared universe, the two shows may not necessarily crossover — at least for now. That’s TBD, Goldwater says.

When will we learn who’s playing Sabrina? Casting is apparently underway, so look for announcements to begin soon.

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