‘Arrow’ Season 7: 6 Characters We Think Could Be the New Green Arrow

James M. Farner
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Arrow‘s seventh season has brought many changes to the show, and chief among them is Oliver’s incarceration. With Oliver behind bars for the foreseeable future and his team in various states of retirement or moving on, Star City lacked a true vigilante. The season premiere revealed, however, that someone has stepped in to fill the void by taking on the Green Arrow mantle. We don’t yet know who is under the hood, but that won’t stop us from speculating. Here are the characters we think could be the new Green Arrow.

Roy Harper

Roy Harper
Roy Harper is back in the future, but could he be in the present as well?

Roy has been with the show since Season 1, and even though he left for a happy ending with Thea last year, he’s returned in the show’s flash forwards as an older, grittier Roy, found on Lian Yu by William. Thanks to his training as Arsenal, he comes prepackaged with Green Arrow-like skills, and this wouldn’t be the first time he has put on Oliver’s suit.

That said, in the future, we see he’s still wearing the red Arsenal suit. But the flash forwards of him as a mentor seem more like red herrings than legitimate hints about the new Green Arrow’s true identity.

William Clayton

William Clayton
Could the flash forwards be showing us William's origin as the new Green Arrow?

This may sound a bit far-fetched, but it’s possible the fast forwards are meant to reveal William’s origin story as the Green Arrow. He could’ve learned his father’s skills in order to go back in time and become the Green Arrow during Oliver’s prison stint.

But if this is the case, William’s endgame is unclear. Perhaps he’s looking to alter his own timeline, or maybe he’s trying to help his family somehow. This theory sounds more like something out of The Flash than the more street-level focused seventh season of Arrow. But it’s the easiest way to explain the fast forwards, and has gained a decent amount of speculation.

Katherine McNamara’s Mystery Character

Katherine McNamara
Who is Katherine McNamara playing in Season 7?

We don’t know much about who Katherine McNamara will portray on this season of Arrow, but we do know it’s a significant recurring role. From what little we’ve seen of the new Green Arrow, the vigilante seems to have a slightly smaller build than Oliver.

While that certainly doesn’t mean they are a woman, this Green Arrow has taken extra care to cover their face, preventing audiences from getting any sense of who this is. We might know more once we’ve seen Katherine McNamara’s character onscreen, especially when we discover who she’s really playing.

Emiko Queen

Emiko Queen
Emiko Queen could be coming this season.

In the comics, Emiko Queen is Oliver Queen’s half-sister and the daughter of Shado and Robert Queen. While it’s unlikely she’d be the daughter of the Arrowverse’s Shado, it’s plausible that Robert had another daughter who is now following in her half-brother’s footsteps.

If Emiko does come to Arrow this season, as an upcoming episode title suggests, she could be Katherine McNamara’s character or another one of the new recurring characters we don’t know much about. We might not even know it’s her at first. So, keep an eye on the next kickass female character to show up on Arrow — she just might turn out to be Emiko.

One of the Longbow Hunters… or Their Prey

Longbow Hunters
We don't yet know the Longbow Hunters' ultimate goal.

Also new to Arrow this season is the Longbow Hunters. We don’t know much about them either, beyond the fact that even the League of Assassins feared them. But we’ve seen them in action a few times, and it’s clear they’ve got skills (and the name to prove it). What isn’t so clear is their agenda. They’ve allied themselves with Ricardo Diaz for now, but there could be a greater plan at work.

One of them could be the new Green Arrow, or whoever is under the hood could have some history with the Longbow Hunters. Maybe they’ve come to Star City to hunt down this new vigilante, or, conversely, the new Green Arrow might have come in response to them. Only time will tell if these two new plot lines have even more in common.

A Former Team Arrow Member

Ragman, Artemis, or any other former member of Team Arrow could be hiding under the new hood.

We know Rene and Dinah probably aren’t the new Green Arrow since they’ve been in the same room as the vigilante, and John Diggle has denied it. But there are plenty of members of now inactive Team Arrow who could’ve taken up the mantle.

Former members Evelyn Sharp and Rory Regan‘s current status is unknown. Either of them could’ve taken the time to develop their skills, for redemption, revenge, or any number of other reasons. With so many former vigilantes in the cards, there’s no shortage of potential identities for the new Green Arrow.

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