‘Assassin’s Creed: Origins’ Director Hints At A New Take On The Animus

Tom Regan

As any Assassin’s Creed fan will know, the Animus is a crucial part of the ‘Creed experience. With the series’ protagonists using the tech to learn from their respective ancestors in order to take on the Templars in the present, the dichotomy between history and modernity is part of what makes the franchise so compelling. So the question is, what the hell is happening with the Animus in Assassin’s Creed: Origins?

With Ubisoft keeping the game’s present-day story closely under wraps, we thought we’d ask someone who might be able to shed some light on the situation.

Will Abstergo's mysterious tech make a return for Origins?

Sitting down with the game’s Creative Director, Jean Guesdon, we corned him with the question at a recent preview event.

Unsurprisingly, he was hesitant to give the game away. Reading between the lines, however, what Guesdon did say suggests that fans might see a fairly different Animus this time around.

Fandom: Will the Animus return in Assassin’s Creed Origins?

Jean: *smiles* I cannot tell you more about that… you will discover it soon when the game releases. What I can tell you is that we know the franchise..we know all its layers, its very specific structure. We will fully respect it, and we hope you like what we did..

While it’s not outright confirmation, the ‘hope you like what we did’ line definitely suggests that Origins won’t be your run of the mill Animus trip.

Tom Regan
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