‘Attack on Titan’ – The 3 Biggest Questions From The Season 2 Premiere

Zuleika Boekhoudt
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TV Anime

The second season of the megahit anime, Attack on Titan, just aired and we were pleasantly surprised by its newest half hour. The first episode delivered what it’s famous for, namely unmerciful guts and blood splatter. The episode starts with a brief recap highlighting a few mysteries of the first season, then gets down to business. By the time the credits rolled, we were left with three big questions. Obviously, spoiler warnings if you haven’t watched the season premiere yet.

Why is a Titan in the Wall?

attack on titan season 2 episode 1 beast titan minister nick

The episode titled “Beast Titan” picks up right after the events of the previous finale. We get to see the Scout’s reaction to the revelation of a Titan inside the wall. What’s most shocking is that the Titan’s eye moved. So, not only are the Walls built out of Titans, but living Titans! In comes Minister Nick, who tells them that they need to keep the Titan out of sunlight to prevent it waking up.

Lost for answers, Section Commander Hanji turns to interrogate the only person in her vicinity who seems to know what the hell is going on, Minister Nick. Wanting answers to this is mind-blowing revelation she dangles the minister off the edge of the wall until he responds to the question that fans have been waiting for: Why is there a Titan in the Wall?

It appears that the leaders of the Church of the Walls were aware of the truth the whole time, but remain wholly unforthcoming, revealing how corrupt the city’s political system really is. It looks like Attack on Titan will be teasing out this mystery for a bit longer.

Titans Can Speak Now?

attack on titan season 2 episode 1 beast titan miche

Things really get interesting as the show goes back 12 hours before the events of last season. At the south of Wall Sheena, several members of the Scouting Legion are in plain clothes while the rest are fully geared ready for battle. But, when suddenly Sasha hear thuds, it’s time to evacuate, because wouldn’t you know it, Titans are coming! Under the leadership of Miche and Nanaba, they split off into four factions, each heading in a different direction to warn the surrounding towns. Nevertheless, these aren’t the usual Titans; they’re Abnormals sprinting in their direction. Consequently, Miche breaks off on his own to distract the Abnormals from the rest of his fleeing team.

While fans didn’t see much on how Miche defeated them, it’s a safe Miche cut them down easily. Until the Beast Titan showed up. And here comes the epic scene from the trailer. To Miche’s horror, the Beast Titan hurls his horse at him. Forcing Miche to jump off the roof of the building and straight into a Titan’s mouth.

Most shocking of all is that the Beast Titan spoke and ordered the smaller Titan as it wished to question Miche. It can talk! The Titan proceeds to ask Miche about the three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, which Miche doesn’t answer it. Consequently, the Beast Titan takes the gear off of him. Remembering his vow to never give up? Well, Miche takes out his sword to fight. But, as soon as he does that the Beast Titan orders the remaining Titans to do as they please with him. Immobilized and deprived of maneuverability, Miche screams in agony as the Titans devour him. At the end, the Beast Titan is amused to know that they – humans – do indeed speak the same language after all.

Where Do We Go From Here?

attack on titan season 2 episode 1 beast titan throws horse

So, did Attack on Titan get its groove back? Yes, but not completely. The first episode did return to what made the series a fan favorite, with a heavy dose of fear and gore. On the other hand, the previous season combined a sense of mystery and suspense with the gore, and that intrigue was mostly missing in the season premiere. The Beast Titan is a definite mystery, but that was overshadowed by Miche’s immobilizing fear and gruesome death.

However, what makes me most concerned for the rest of the season is the series’s new intro theme. It’s a much softer Viking rock version of the first season. Does this indicate the series’ direction is shifting, leaving all the good bits until the final episodes? We’ll just have to wait and see as in next week’s episode, as fans will get a closer on Sasha’s past, as well as a bit more of Eren. With only 11 episodes remaining, what more questions will we be left with and which will be answered?

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