‘Batman – The Telltale Series’: Secrets From the Episode 5 Trailer

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The end is here: Batman – The Telltale Series wraps up its first season with episode 5, City of Light, due out December 13. Check out the teaser trailer below:

That 90 seconds of intense new footage goes by so fast, there are moments you’re going to miss. So, for the would-be world’s greatest detectives out there, let’s slow things down and take a closer look. Here are the most exciting moments we spotted in the teaser for the next episode of Batman – The Telltale Series.

Alfred Is In Danger


Batman’s loyal butler wasn’t exactly safe at the end of the last episode, but he certainly wasn’t kidnapped. How did the Children of Arkham get ahold of him? Hopefully Alfred won’t lose a hand like he did in his most recent comic book kidnapping. Also, the Bat-Computer seems to be functioning here, even though one ending to Episode 4 left Bruce’s tech in shambles.

How Many Children Did Arkham Have?


The Children of Arkham look to be making their move with a full-on hostile takeover of Gotham City. Or at least some of its most populated locations. They’d have to have an army of operatives to do that. Not too different from the League of Shadows in Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy. Could they be the folks really behind this?

The Final Battle of Arkham?


Arkham Asylum has been central to the entire season, so obviously the final fight will be set there. And it looks like Batman will have to fight his way through all of them to get to his nemesis. Will we see all the folks he locked up there to that point, including Two-Face, Zazz, and Blockbuster? Will a certain, grinning guy named John Doe be there as well?

The Penguin Vs… Bruce Wayne?


Penguin has recovered well from the beating he took, and he and his drones look ready to cause more trouble. But why is Bruce the one facing him down instead of Batman? Also, how has Oswald still not realized Wayne and Batman are the same guy? Unless he’s playing dumb…

Arkham Unmasked?


The trailer ends with what looks to be the climactic fight between Batman and Lady Arkham. Not only that, but her mask will fall off and we’ll finally know who has been behind all this. The proto-Joker? Vikki Vale? Maybe even someone truly unpredictable, like Selina or some classic villain yet to be revealed in the series like Talia al-Ghul. And once they’re revealed, will there be any big teases for a second season? Keep your eyes peeled, Gothamites, because we’ll know soon enough.

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