5 Revenge Anime for Seekers of Justice

Zuleika Boekhoudt
TV Anime
TV Anime

Revenge, whether served cold or right away, is always sweet —  unless you’re the recipient. In anime, the length that a character will go to punish those who wronged them is only limited by the imagination. They concoct elaborate schemes designed to destroy the recipient — either physically, emotionally, or both. So, let’s take a closer look at these characters devious plans. Here are five revenge anime that will make you think twice before hurting someone.

School Days

anime about revenge School Days

School Days is infamous not for its animation or soundtrack, but for its characters. The series follows Makoto Itou, a sociable, handsome high school student who ends up in a love triangle with his classmates Sekai Sainoji and Kotonoha Katsura.

But instead of the series following typical harem tropes, it quickly (and unexpectedly) turns into a horror fest. Makoto may be popular, but he’s also selfish, cruel, and makes hormone-driven decisions. Throughout the series, Sekai and Kotonoha throw themselves at Makoto, and he alternates between them.

However, the two girls just aren’t enough for him. So, he pursues other girls at the school and has sex with them as well. But the serial cheater’s ways eventually catch up with him, as he’s punished for his pig-like behavior in a darkly satisfying way.


anime about revenge Castlevania

Based on the game Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Netflix’s Castlevania follows Trevor Belmont, a vampire hunter who wants to stop Dracula’s onslaught on humanity.

However, Dracula wasn’t always the heinous monster that the people make him out to be. Before he unleashed his demon army upon the world, he lived a peaceful life with Lisa, a woman who looked beyond the fangs and truly fell in love with Dracula.

But their happy life would come to an abrupt and tragic end. He returns home one day to find his wife is missing. An elderly woman tells him that Lisa was arrested by the Bishop on suspicion of witchcraft and sentenced her to death.

Angry at the villagers over wife’s death, Dracula unleashes his demon army on them, which results in a massive massacre any gore fan would love. Now, it’s up to Trevor Belmont and his companions to stop to the revenge-filled vampire before he destroys mankind.

91 Days

anime about revenge 91 Days

Killing one’s family is a sure-fire way to gain an enemy for life, which is exactly what happens in the revenge anime 91 Days. The mafia series takes place during the Prohibition era in the crime-ridden fictional city of Lawless.

A young boy, Angelo Lagussa, witnesses the murder of his parents and younger brother by the Vanetti family, and, consequently, goes into hiding — but not without vowing to take revenge on the Vanetti’s. Years later, Angelo adopts a new identity, Avilio Bruno, and returns to lawless at the urging of a mysterious letter to exact his revenge.

Thanks to his new name, Avilio easily infiltrates the Vanetti family by befriending the son’s son, Nero. Using the skills he honed during his years spent in hiding, and with a bit of help from this childhood friend, Avilio quickly earns the Vanetti family’s trust. And so begins Avilio’s dark and bloody path to revenge.

Hell Girl

anime about revenge Hell Girl

Sometimes we can’t get revenge on the ones who’ve wronged us, which can be quite frustrating. Luckily, there’s a website called “Hell Correspondence” where you can submit the name of the person you have a grudge against in hopes of having someone else punish them.

Requests are sent to Hell Girl, Ai Enma, who, along with her servants, investigates the clients and would-be victims to determine if she should offer her services. If Hell Girl accepts the request, she immediately sends the victim to hell. But there’s a catch.

As payment for exacting revenge, Hell Girl also sends the client to hell — after they’ve died. Hell Girl deals with themes of bullying, injustice, hate, and, of course, revenge and explores the complex emotions that arise from these issues. Typically, these topics are reserved to the living, but it turns out that even Hell Girl has a revenge request of her own.


anime about revenge Gungrave

Brandon Heat and Harry McDowell are best friends. Some might even consider them brothers. In their youth, they ran a local gang that swindled money from street hooligans. That is, until one of the largest and most infamous mafia syndicates, Millennion, asks them to join their group.

While they both start out doing grunt work, they quickly rise through the ranks. But their ambitions vary. Harry dreams of one day becoming the boss of Millennion, whereas Brandon only wants to appease the current leader, Big Daddy, and spend time with Maria the love of his life. But Harry soon grows jealous of Brandon’s relationship with Big Daddy, leading him to shoot and kill his best friend.

It’s too bad for Harry that Brandon just won’t stay dead. Thirteen years later, Harry is the new leader of Millenion and has a seemingly endless supply of henchman to protect him. Even so, that won’t be enough to stop Brandon, who returns from the grave seeking revenge against his former best friend.

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