The Biggest New Features in ‘Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood’

Brett Bates

Final Fantasy XIV continues the historic legacy of Square Enix’s timeless RPG series by giving players all the familiar elements they love in a massively multiplayer online experience. And on June 20, the world of Final Fantasy XIV is going to get even more exciting with new expansion Stormblood. This eagerly anticipated expansion brings plenty of awesome new features, so let’s jump right in.

New Job: Behold the Stylish Red Mage

Red Mages are known for being jacks-of-all-trades and for their stylish red-feathered caps. With some slick swordplay as well as a hearty dose of white and black magic, this ranged DPS role stands out as one of Final Fantasy XIV‘s most unique and enticing jobs. Not to mention one of the best dressed.

New Job: Learn the Ways of the Samurai

Samurais are always a force to be reckoned with, slicing through enemies with powerful, two-handed katana attacks. If you prefer a DPS approach, but already maxed out the other existing jobs of this type, Samurai will breathe some new life into this role. Plus, you’ll look undeniably cool.

New Abilities: Swimming and Diving

Heavensward gave players the ability to fly through the sky on mounts, and now Stormblood will allow them to travel through a whole new element: water. Previously, water in Final Fantasy XIV barely rose above your character’s ankles, but in Stormblood, you can take them beneath the surface to explore an entire world you’ve never seen before. If you run into any singing crustaceans, let us know.

And Enough Additional Content to Fit a Standalone Game

Stormblood is more than your average expansion. This latest update to Final Fantasy XIV contains as much content as a stand-alone game, with plenty of substantial updates in store for the future. Stormblood contains plenty of reasons to continue your Final Fantasy XIV adventures — or jump in fresh as a new player.

Stormblood raises the existing level cap to 70, meaning you can level up your favorite old jobs that you maxed out, instead of starting from scratch with previously unexplored ones. Along with new weapons, armor, items, recipes, and dungeons, Stormblood will also include new primals: boss battles that pit teams of players against massive and fearsome beasts. And if you enjoy raids, Stormblood offers two new ones: Interdimensional Rift-Omega, an eight-person raid, and Return to Ivalice, penned by none other than Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story director Yasumi Matsuno. A return to the world of Final Fantasy Tactics? Yes, please!

Get ready for new friends, foes, and wondrous adventures in the lands of Ala Mhigo and Doma when Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood launches on June 20 for PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac.

Brett Bates
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