What’s in the Blizzcon 2017 Goodie Bag?

Jeremy Ray
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Another year, another Blizzcon, another plethora of announcements and another bag of goodies! Everyone who attends the convention this year gets a nifty black backpack with a few different goodies inside, and they’ve even made a game of the whole thing.

For starters, there’s the backpack:

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag roundup everything

It’s quite nice. Breathable back straps, a quick access pocket and it seems sturdy enough. Definitely usable beyond the con.

Because of the felt-ish back, these badges actually stick to the backpack very well. But you’re only given six. You can buy more from the store, or you can trade other things for badges. Very quickly there were people walking around with the full set displayed on their backpacks.

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag badges

There are other collectibles as well. Take these pins…

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag necromancer pin

I managed to score the Necromancer, and you can trade for other pins in a similar fashion.

Then there are the action figures. This cute little Mercy is actually designed to be hung from the bag…

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag Mercy keychain

Whereas this one is just designed to stand up.

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag action figure

You’d have one heavily laden bag if you actually collected all those sets and attached them. It’d be kind of impressive. Most of the collectors I’ve seen at the con so far have selected one thing to collect. Badges seem to be the most popular.

There’s also this preview for a World of Warcraft novel, Before the Storm.

Blizzcon 2017 goodie bag Before the Storm

It’s just the prologue chapter. I haven’t had the best experience with WoW novels in the past, so I’m forever wary, but I supposed one shoudn’t judge a franchise by the sins of its past.

That actually does it for the physical items. It might be a little lighter than usual this year. Certainly no fuzzy cuddle toys like Stitches. But perhaps that’d made up for with the virtual items.

These are:

  • Overwatch – An epic Winston skin in Blizzard blue.
  • Heroes of the Storm – The Nexos Razorback mount, spray and portrait. Plus the Blizzcon 2017 banner.
  • Diablo III – A “Murkromancer” pet.
  • World of Warcraft – A Stormwind Skychaser mount for Alliance characters, and an Orgrimmar Interceptor mount for Horde characters.
  • Starcraft II – Resources gathering units have a “junker” skin.
  • Hearthstone – A golden version of the Marin the Fox card.

That’s a wrap!

Jeremy Ray
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