Why ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Has TV’s Funniest Cast

Matt Fowler
TV Hulu
TV Hulu
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With Brooklyn Nine-Nine returning for a sixth season, it’s the perfect time to catch up on previous seasons on Hulu, and to look at why the NINE-NINE is the funniest force on TV.

It all starts with the action movie-obsessed Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg. To Jake, Die Hard isn’t just a Christmas movie, it’s the only movie, and any time he can work in a line from the film, or possibly emulate John McClane in any shape or form, he leaps at it.

Jake is a child trapped in a man’s body, and if it weren’t the fact that he’s the best detective in the precinct, his poor hygiene, laughable diet, and fiscal irresponsibility would be a huge concern.

Enter Amy Santiago, Jake’s crush-turned-girlfriend-turned-wife, played by Melissa Fumero. Amy’s obsession with grammar, graphs, charts, labels, and superfluous rules made her the perfect friendly rival for Jake.

Eventually, their opposites-attract chemistry brought them together for a romantic pairing that’s still holding strong on the show. Proof that characters can remain in a healthy relationship, be hilarious, and not have to constantly split up to keep the story interesting.

Andre Braugher plays seemingly-devoid-of-joy Captain Raymond Holt, a rigidly professional father figure for the entire Nine-Nine squad and a key reason why the show has a supportive surrogate family vibe. Jake’s abandonment issues and Amy’s frantic need to impress others make them Holt’s star children, as the classical music-obsessed Captain hides a soft heart underneath a staunch unflappable exterior.

The Nine Nine’s strength lies in their love and support for each other as outsiders. Captain Holt, a proud man who’s endured years of harassment and sidelining, always goes high when others go low. And the rest of his officers — from a lover of off-putting foods Charles Boyle to buff-but-fearful family man Terry Jeffords to social media obsessed civilian administrator Gina Linetti to enigmatically angry Rosa Diaz — share Holt’s exuberance for excellence.

Behind the scenes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is co-created by Mike Schur, the same guy who’s been behind some of the greatest TV comedy ensembles in recent history – from The Office to Parks and Recreation to The Good Place. The Nine-Nine are a law enforcement laugh riot. Lovable characters who leap from the screen and into your heart.

Matt Fowler