Bungie Confirms “Unique” New Area & “Special Public Events” For ‘Destiny 2’ DLC

Tom Regan
Games Destiny
Games Destiny

Amid all the huge new announcements from Sony’s first-party-dominated Paris Presser, somehow, a brief DLC reveal from Activision managed to send gamers into an online frenzy. This is, of course, because said reveal trailer was for a little game called Destiny 2. While it was over in a flash, this two-minute-long teaser finally confirmed the existence of the game‘s first ever expansion: Curse Of Osiris.

While we already managed to squeeze a fair few details out of Bungie at the start of Paris Games Week, we were still eager to find out more. Sitting down with the expansion’s project lead, Sam Jones and art director Dave Matthews, we did our best to the lowdown on next month’s ambitious new expansion.

As you’d expect, the developer duo remained tight-lipped throughout, confirming that more will be revealed about the DLC over the coming weeks. What we did manage to glean from them, however, is a hint that players will be able to get Osiris’ gauntlets, that there will be a very unusual “never seen before” type of public event, and that Mercury’s Infinite Forest will contain its fair share of time-bending surprises.

What might come as a disappointment to fans though, however, is that Jones confirmed that no new multiplayer modes will come as part of the expansion. With only 3 more PVP maps coming to The Crucible (and one of them being a PS4 exclusive) for guardians who love playing competitive Destiny, Curse Of Osiris may not be quite as appealing. Still, with the expansion offering a new storyline, new adventures, new quests and of course, new weapons and gear there will still be plenty of new things for players to do when the DLC drops on December 5th.

Check out the video above to find out more about Destiny 2‘s eagerly-anticipated DLC.

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