‘Deadpool 2’ Star Reveals the Surprising Identity of Cable’s Dad

Kim Taylor-Foster
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Movies Marvel

This year is a big year for Josh Brolin. Not only has the actor been waging war on the universe as big purple overlord Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, but he’s also been carving out a memorable recurring role for himself as Cable, newcomer to the Deadpool franchise.

Brolin, it seems, has become the go-to supervillain. With this in mind, FANDOM sourced a bunch of questions from you, the fans, and put them to Brolin when we met up with him recently. You can watch the interview in the video above, but read on for an in-depth taste of what he said below. He even addressed the question of why the infamous octopus scene was deleted from The Goonies

Deadpool 2 Cable's Powers
Josh Brolin as Cable in Deadpool 2

FANDOM: Who is your dad in Deadpool 2?

BROLIN: [deadpan] Charles Bronson.

FANDOM: And who is the bad guy in Avengers 4?

BROLIN: Well, I’m always the bad guy. I don’t know if there’s anybody badder in the Avengers series. I think I’ve established myself as being the pinnacle a–hole.

FANDOM: Cyclops is Cable’s dad in the comics… would you want to explore Cable’s backstory further down the line?

BROLIN: For sure. I think given what we learn during the course of this movie, I think that’s an inevitability once we get into X-Force and furthering the story.

FANDOM: Do you consider Cable a hero considering the trailers paint him as a villain?

BROLIN: Yes. I consider him a hero first and foremost because I know more than he does about the actual conveyance of who Cable is in the film. Not necessarily in the comic books but in the film. There’s a long way to go. There’s three more films to go.

Avengers Infinity War Thor Rocket
Thor, Rocket and Cable would make an awesome threesome.

FANDOM: If/when the MCU and X-Men merge, will you be open to playing Cable alongside Rocket and Thor?

BROLIN: I would love to. Actually, that’s the most specific I’ve heard it. And I like this idea of cross-pollinating these worlds.

FANDOM: So would it work to have you playing both Cable and Thanos?

BROLIN: Why not? Did you ever see Michael Keaton in Multiplicity? He played, what, like 9 versions, or 4 versions, of himself. I think it sounds like fun to be able to play two different characters on the same set at the same time.

Avengers Infinity War Thanos
Thanos has some budget threads.

FANDOM: Where does Thanos get his clothes in the MCU?

BROLIN: Like is there a shopping centre for villains or superheroes? There’s two places. There’s a universal K-Mart and there’s a stratospheric Costco and he chooses to go into Costco because K-Mart has random specials and sales and all that kind of stuff and Costco — if you have a card you can always get a break on the price. And given that he has spent a lot of his time getting these [Infinity] stones and a lot of the energy goes into the stones, he hasn’t really been thinking about money a lot. So he has to be conscious and mindful of spending too much money.

FANDOM: Who would win in a fight between Thanos and Cable?

BROLIN: Thanos. No question. I think that Cable would endure as long as inhumanly possible given that he’s a hybrid. But no there’s no contest.

FANDOM: How does Thanos differ from Cable?

BROLIN: Oh, in every way. Thanos is trying to destroy half the universe and succeeding. He has a power that is untouchable whereas Cable… there’s more human aspects in Cable, there’s more fun in Cable, there’s less Shakespeare in Cable. There’s a humanity about Cable that I love. There is too about Thanos but it’s in a different way, it’s more of in a Kurtzian way with Thanos. With [Cable] it’s more just kind of dopey.

FANDOM: What about similarities?

BROLIN: I think like all villains, the two characters are trying to destroy something. They have an intention and it’s us following their intention for an hour and a half plus. I think those are the similarities. What are the similarities? Good haircuts. Thanos is bald so he doesn’t really have any styling issues. Whereas Cable does. I think Cable is a little more vain than Thanos though. I’m feeling that.

FANDOM: Why do you say that?

BROLIN: Because of the hair. And muscles. It’s like Thanos is so kind of massive and [innately] powerful whereas I think Cable actually maybe did some sit-ups in the morning. Just to make sure because he knew he was going head-to-head with Ryan Reynolds.

Josh Brolin (top) as Brand in The Goonies.

FANDOM: Why was the octopus scene deleted from the Goonies?

BROLIN: It didn’t work. It just looked too fake. I remember being in the water, the water was 104 degrees and we were taking these tentacles and shaking them and making it try to seem like it was attacking us. It doesn’t work. It’s great for an Ed Wood film, but not for a Steven Spielberg-produced film.

Deadpool 2 hits screens in the UK on May 15, Australia on May 16 and the US on May 18.

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