Diving Into What’s New in ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’

Tom Regan

It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for Red Dead Redemption 2, doesn’t it? Well, wait no more, because Rockstar’s rootin’ tootin’ gunslinging epic is finally upon us. We’ve lived with the game for over 70 hours,  made decisions good and bad, traveled from dusty trails to swampy bayous and, shot a LOT of cowboys in between.

We could go on for hours about how brilliant this game is. And while we’ve attempted to weigh up its many achievements in our glowing five-star review, there was simply too much to talk about for just one written article.

So, instead we’ve tried our best to answer all the questions you might have in this 25 minute deep dive video.

Deep Dive Redemption

Despite 2012’s Grand Theft Auto V still being one of the most popular played video games out today, it’s easy to forget that it was actually built for the last generation of consoles. And now, we can finally see what the Scottish studio has been toiling away at for so long.  And BOY was it worth the wait.

Quite simply put, Red Dead Redemption 2‘s Old West is one of the most impressive video game worlds we’ve ever inhabited. Where many game developers create huge, lifeless maps and litter them with collectibles, Rockstar’s latest is simply brimming with life and personality. In the video above we take a deeper look at some of the most incredible aspects of Rockstar’s latest open world opus.  From how you interact with the world, to horses, moral choices, gunplay, side missions, John Marston, customisation and well, a whole bunch more.

Don’t have nearly half an hour free? Well fear not, because these time stamps are here to save you precious minutes.

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Tom Regan
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