5 Characters to Take the Roster of ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ Even Further

Lucas DeRuyter
Dragon Ball Anime
Dragon Ball Anime

Dragon Ball FighterZ might be the best Dragon Ball fighting game in the franchise — and it’s not even officially out yet.

The upcoming game combines stunningly beautiful graphics and a roaster of diverse fan-favorite characters. While additional characters are coming to the fighting game after launch, the identity of those characters is still a mystery.

These new characters are sure to be a treat regardless of who they are, but these five characters should be considered first and foremost, as they are all perfect for a fighting game and beloved by longtime fans of Dragon Ball.


The legendary super Saiyan would make an epic addition.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has yet to include any non-canonical characters in its roster, but Broly should absolutely be the character to open it to the larger Dragon Ball universe. A fan-favorite character since he premiered in the eighth Dragon Ball Z movie, Broly possess a prophesied strength and is wholly defined by his hatred of Goku. While he may not have much personality, Broly endures as a celebrated character in the Dragon Ball fandom due to him being the personification of an absurdly high power level.

Broly is also a great fight for Draon Ball FighterZ, as he has a plethora of attacks that are unique to him. Well, at least they were totally unique to him until Kale appeared in Super, but his savage attacks would still be a fantastic fit for this fighting game. Broly would work well as a glass cannon character in Dragon Ball FighterZ, as his devastating attacks could be offset with his massive stature, making it nearly impossible for the character to dodge an opponent’s attacks.


The ultimate fusion warrior enters the ring!

Despite only appearing twice in the entirety of all of the various iterations of the Dragon Ball anime, Vegito is perhaps the most celebrated character in all of Dragon Ball. The character is a Potara fusion between Goku and Vegeta and is the strongest character in all of Dragon Ball Z.

In addition to possessing all of Goku and Vegeta’s attacks and abilities, Vegito also possesses a plethora of attacks unique to him. These include the Big Bang Flash, the deceptively powerful Banshee Blast, and the iconic Spirit Sword. With the inclusion of Gotenks, it’s clear that fused characters are fair game as playable characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and it would be shocking if the incredibly powerful and effortlessly cool Vegito did not appear in one form or another in this fighting game.


Bring on the stoic champion of Universe 11.

Dragon Ball FighterZ has so far included every major antagonist from the Z and Super anime, meaning that Jiren is likely to be added to the game once the Tournament of Power arc wraps up. While his character hasn’t been explored much in the anime it is in the Super manga. He’s essentially Superman and wants to use the wish granted to the victor of the tournament to create lasting peace in his home universe.

It might be a bit difficult to give Jiren a unique move set, however, as he has not utilized many flashy abilities in the series so far. However, this is sure to change with the Tournament of Power coming to a close and Jiren finally playing a more active role in the story. Hopefully, he gets some unique and visually striking moves to give him a unique playstyle in the game and make the closing episodes of this story arc even more dramatic.

Mercenary Tao

Bring back one of the best OG Dragon Ball villains.

While Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be drawing plenty of inspiration from Z and Super, it has yet to include much of the original Dragon Ball anime. The inclusion of Mercenary Tao, one of the best villains in all of Dragon Ball, could easily remedy this, though. This assassin – and later cyborg – nearly killed Goku upon their first encounter, making him one of only a few characters in the entire series to defeat Goku in a fight.

Mercenary Tao utilizes a collection of fun and interesting moves that would make him a welcome addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ. These include the Dodon Ray, traveling by riding trees and pillars thrown into the air, and killing people with his tongue (no, seriously, he killed General Blue by striking his temple with his outstretched tongue). All in all, this assassin with the words “KILL YOU!” printed on the back of his pink jacket would make a welcome addition to the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster.


Let the demon king reign over his foes.

While Majin Buu was definitely the biggest threat in the last saga in Dragon Ball Z, an array of other interesting villains appeared in this section of the series as well. The most compelling of these villains is Dabura, the king of the Demon Realm. His appearance in the last arc of Dragon Ball Z brought the show back to its roots in some regards, as the more mystical elements found in Dragon Ball had been absent in the series for nearly the entirety of Z.

Dabura would make a welcome addition to Dragon Ball FighterZ as he has several abilities that are unique to him as a demon. His spit can turn opponents to stone, and he possesses the power to create weapons out of thin air. If implemented the right way, Dabura could easily become on trickiest characters to play as or fight against out of the entire FighterZ line-up.

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