E3 2018: What Games to Expect from the Big 3

Tom Regan
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Yes gamers, it’s almost that time of year once again. Starting this Saturday, all the biggest game publishers and console makers will converge in sunny Los Angeles for the world’s biggest gaming event – E3. In other words, next week is a really nerdy Christmas. We will of course, be covering the whole show in extensive detail, but for now? We thought we’d give you the lowdown of what to expect from the big boys during E3 2018.

While third party developers like EA, Square Enix, Activision and Ubisoft will undoubtedly be bringing the good, it’s the three main console manufacturers that most gamers will be salivating over.

With only days to go until their conferences, we sat down and went over what major games fans can expect to see from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Sony may have just kicked things off a bit early with the announcement of  a trippy new Tetris VR game from Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi, but aside from them, radio silence has sent the rumour mill spinning into overdrive.

With message-boards awash with talks of an all-new Star Fox game, multiple Gears of War releases AND the return of Fable this looks like its shaping up to be an E3 to remember.

We know you’re all very busy and you’re getting excited at the mere thought of unwrapping more juicy game announcements than you can shake a controller at.  So we decided to make your lives a bit easier and give you a whirlwind summary of the games confirmed to make an appearance and the rumours that have been doing the rounds online.

Without further ado, we present to you our 3-minute guide to the Big 3 at E3 2018.

Check out for the video above for a quick rundown of the first party goodness expected to be shown off next week.

Tom Regan
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