Eddie Redmayne Flabbergasted By ‘Amazing’ ‘Early Man’ Sets

Lawrence Yee

Eddie Redmayne throws himself into every role, whether playing a fantastic beast-collecting wizard or transgender painter. But fans have never seen the Oscar winner get quite so animated — literally and figuratively — until now.

In Early Man, the latest animated comedy from Aardman Studios, Redmayne voices Dug, a sweet but simpleminded Stone Age caveman.

In the exclusive clip above, watch as he and costars Nick Park (of Wallace & Gromit fame) and Maisie Williams (from Game of Thrones) visit the set. The actor was literally flabbergasted by the scale intricacy of the work. “That insane,” the actor responds when shown the Bronze City. The set — one of many for Early Man — represented a years-worth of labor.

The actors also had a lot of fun in the recording studio, as evidenced by the clip below.

“I was one of the people who grew up with all of the stuff Aardman did,” Redmayne explains of the dream gig. “So when I got a call saying Nick [Park] was interested in me voicing Dug, I sort of insisted on a workshop day with Nick given that I idolize him.”

Park, who wrote and directed the film, praised Redmayne’s “unassuming demeanor” and creativity. Park also voices the Dug’s hog companion, Hognob.

Tom Hiddleston (who plays a boastful, Loki-esque leader named Lord Nooth) and Miriam Margoyles (whom Harry Potter fans will recognize as Hufflepuff head Professor Sprout) are also part of the all-star cast.

Early Man is available on digital May 15 and Blu-ray and DVD May 22.

Lawrence Yee
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