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Barry Allen is about to go on trial for killing Clifford DeVoe. While we know that Barry was set up in the winter finale, it could take multiple episodes to see his name cleared for DeVoe’s death. This storyline, “The Trial of the Flash,” was pulled straight from the comics. Before the show returns, let’s take a look at the comic book plot and how it could play out on the show.

In the Comics

The Flash Trial

First, let’s look at the comics. In 1983, a two-year comic book arc began in the issue The Flash Vol. 1 #323. In this issue, subtitled “Run Flash — Run for Your Wife” the Reverse Flash shows up on Barry and Fiona Webb‘s wedding day to kill Fiona. Reverse Flash had already killed Barry’s first love, Iris West, so instead of letting Reverse Flash get away with his wedding day antics, Barry snaps RF’s neck. Unfortunately, he does this while wearing his Flash suit, thus showing the world that The Flash was a killer.

The trial of The Flash lasted two years and spanned 27 issues. During the trial, Wally West was forced to testify that The Flash could have used other, non-lethal means to stop the Reverse Flash. The villain Abra Kadabra also periodically influenced the jury to believe that The Flash was guilty. Ultimately, Barry’s attorney, Cecile Horton, believed that the only way to make the jury understand why The Flash killed Reverse Flash was to unmask himself as Barry Allen. While that plan didn’t quite work out, Barry was acquitted of all charges.

On the Show

Trial of the Flash

On the TV show, things are already slightly different. Instead of The Flash being put on trial for killing Reverse Flash, Barry Allen is put on trial for killing Clifford DeVoe. DeVoe arranged his own elaborate murder so he could put his brain into the body of someone else. He also wanted to get Barry off the playing field, which he did, by sending Barry a knife (the murder weapon) and by placing his own dead body in Barry’s house.

So, in the comics, The Flash was on trial. This time Barry is on trial. His attorney is the same, however, as Cecile will be representing him. She will also urge Barry to reveal himself to be The Flash. This is strikingly similar to the comic book storyline. In the comics, when The Flash pulled off his mask, he looked like a different person, so no one knew that he was really Barry.

Do you think Barry will out himself as The Flash to get acquitted of murder? Will Abra Kadabra show up back in this universe to influence the jury? Will the investigative powers of new character Ralph Dibney come into play? Check out the spring premiere of The Flash tonight!

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8PM on The CW.

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